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Breeding Stands

Breeding Stands

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Homemade Breeding Stand
Breeding stands have gained national attention lately because of the Michael Vick dog fighting incident. The PETA PUKES refer to breeding stands as rape stands. This only proves how ignorant PETA really is.

With this said Michael Vick is an ignorant stupid piece of ghetto trash that should spend his time in prison. He disgusts me as he should disgust every decent person. I sincerely hope the NFL kicks him out of football and he finds himself on the street trying to make a living.

I saw an article in where they lumped this web page into some kind of an underground conspiracy to breed fighting dogs. This is a perfect example of someone not getting there facts straight. I breed German Shepherds and Malinois and produce dog training DVDs. We have nothing to do with pit bulls - in fact I have written an article on them.

We don't use breeding stands in our kennel. The photo at the top of this page was of a breeding stand that a customer bropught to our kennel in the 1990's to be used on his female when she was bred to out stud dog. We never had to use it.

A better solution to a breeding stand is to find a Vet that specializes in breeding dogs. Have this vet examine your female and take blood tests to measure progesteron when she comes into season.

The Vet will explain that several tests are required to determine the exact day the female should be bred. It's our experience and recommendations that the female should either breed naturally or she should be bred with artifical insemination.

My web site is the largest dog training web site on the internet. It's over 10,000 pages of information on dog training. We have been producing dog training videos since 1982 and we despise dog fighting. We breed Germans Shepherds for police service work, Search and Rescue work and for a variety of dog sports.

If you came her from I recommend that you take some time and read some of the free eBooks I have written that are posted on my web site, or read some of the 300 dog training articles on my site.

I have owned, bred, trained and worked with dogs for 45 years. Over my breeding career (of 350 litters) I have seen females who were so spoiled that they would not stand and accept a male. I have also seen females who could not support a large male.

You may always want to read a web page on my web site warning people about the dangers of pit bulls.

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