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People Won't Listen When I Ask Them Not to Pet My Cute, Fuzzy, Small Breed Puppy

Posted: 12-02-2011 • Length: 3 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience/Marker Training, Management, Puppies
Question from Sam: I have a cute, fuzzy, small breed puppy that people can't keep themselves away from. Even when I ask them not to pet her, they still smile and oooh and aaah at my puppy. This puppy is already absolutely nuts and wild around people, strangers too. What do you do about this? And what on earth do I do in the house with visitors? And with people that like Rumors, this is a small mini poodle, who have to take her from me, and given her age, are feeding her treats while working with her? And is that setting me back completely every time they do that when I give her to the groomer and she is giving her treats? How would Michael deal with this? There must be a lot of people out there that have similar issues with cute, fuzzy, little dogs.

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As a former raiser and trainer of Guide Dogs for the Blind, I would encounter this all the time. My response was "great, you can help me train." Then tell them they are to only to pet the dog when it is sitting still, and to pull the hand away when it fusses or breaks the sit. Most important is to teach the dog to be neutral to people and YOU, not other people should be the center of its world. A pet groomer should honor the wishes of the owner as that is good customer service.

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