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Leerburg Pedigree Leerburg Stud Dog

Leerburg Stud Dog

Leerburg Stud Dog

Gideon vom Leipheimer Moor

OFA Excellent

DOB 10-5-95

                                                       Blitz v Haus Rosengarten VH III
                                             Danny v Haus Blitz VH III
                                                       Setta VH I
                             Iwan v. Rositahof SchH III (V-BSP) VH III
                                                       Atlas vom Reststrauch SchH III
                                             Dina vom Travant SchH III
                                                       Dixi von der Burg Kniphausen SchH II
               Kim vom Lisdorferland SchH III (SG-BSP) FH DH II IP III
                                                       Ulrich von der Wienerau SchH III FH
                                             Nats vom Arolser Holz SchH III FH IP III
                                                       Dina von Stahlhammer SchH II
                             Gesse vom Arolser Holz SchH II
                                                       Atlas von Dannenwaldergrund SchH III
                                             Eska vom Trummelbusch SchH I
                                                       Bessie von Haltriem SchH I
Gideon vom Leipheimer Moor SchH III AD (OFA Excellent)
                                                       Ylo vom Waldeckerhof SchH III
                                             Mink vom Haus Wittfeld SchH III FH
                                                       Cora vom Haardblick SchH III
                             Crok vom Erlenbusch SchH III (SG-BSP)
                                                       Kent vom Sudmuhlenkolk SchH III IP III
                                             Tanja vom Sudmuhlenkolk SchH III FH
                                                       Catja von der Eichmuhle SchH III IP III
               Anika vom Leipheimer Moor SchH III
                                                       Pascha vom Glockeneck  SchH III FH
                                             Grischa vom Schwarzen Milan SchH III FH
                                                       Ina vom Jaresberg SchH III FH
                             Zita vom Karlmitblick SchH III FH
                                                       Brando vom Karlmitblick SchH III FH IP III
                                             Gitta vom Karlmitblick SchH III
                                                       Inka vom Fischerruck SchH I

Gideon is a very strong, powerful, dominant high-drive male. He has intense prey drive with natural hunt and tracking drive. They only words that can describe his bite work is "extremely powerful."

Gideon is a dog that is very much like my older dog Otis, who is a dog that very few people could handle. Gideons full littermate (Grappo) is owned by T. Floyd and was in the 2000 SchH USA Nationals. In my opinion, Grappo was one of the most powerful dogs in the competition.

Gideon is a son of Crock v. Erlenbusch SchH III who is out of Mink Haus Whitfeld SchH III. Gideon will be bred to my Otis daughters which will result in a 2-3 line breeding on Mink. I think Mink may be the best producing stud dog for working dogs since Burnd Lierberg (40 years ago).

Gideons Dam: Anika vom Leipheimer Moor SchH3, KKL1, "a" stamp. A dark sable CROK daughter out of ZITA V. KARLMITBLICK, a GRISHA Schwarzen Milan daughter and one of only 7 females in the past 20 years to produce multiple(!) "V"-scoring BSP offspring. Anika is also the dam of T. Floyd's recently deceased competition dog, GRAPPO, . Anika is a multiple HIT female, always "V" in protection!! She has natural full, hard grips, intense drives in all three phases and wonderful temperament.

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