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Leerburg Canine Chat Email Lists

Canine Chat Email Lists

Canine Chat Email Lists

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What is an E-MAIL LIST?
A canine chat line can be a great way to benefit from the information super highway or it can also be a one sided conversation that is controlled and dominated by a list moderator with an ego problem (most of the time this is the case). It's kind of like buyer beware. I joined a couple of lists and dropped out of one and was kicked out of another (I was too controversial according to the list moderators.)

These lists are best described as computer e-mail chat lists. They can be fun and informative or they can clutter your e-mail box and be difficult to deal with. It depends on the list and the person who is running the list. I have found that the majority of these lists are extensions of the egos of the list moderators. List moderators have the ability to dominate and control the topics being discussed by list members. If your view on a subject is controversial, there is a good possibility that you will be chastised, threatened and maybe even kicked off the list a result. That's exactly what happened to me with the Texas Police K-9 Association Chat list. You can read about this episode on my web site. This list has since gone out of business and the list owner kicked out of law enforcement.

You need to subscribe to a list and you will receive a copy of all of the e-mails sent to that list. Lists are based on specific topic's. For example everything on "The Protection Dog Chat List (PD-L)" concerns protection training (mostly sport dog training and personal protection dog training). There are lists on many types of dog training. I have listed a number of them below.

The conversations on the lists follow a given theme. One list member will ask a question and all of the members that care to respond will send e-mails to the list answering that question. Everyone on the list gets all of the responses to the questions. Some lists are automated lists that are handled by software and servers. Other lists are dealt with manually so the type of response and speed of the responses will vary from list to list.

When you subscribe to a list expect to receive a lot of e-mail. The PD-L or Bite hard-L alone will have up to 50 or more e-mail messages a day. Be prepared to deal with this volume of e-mails. Other lists are not as active.

The way you subscribe to each list will vary from list to list. When the list requires a name you would supply your given name (ie Ed Frawley), when it asks for your address, you would supply your e-mail address. When asked for an address, do not send your postal address.

It is important to follow the directions on how to subscribe to a list. There is a right and wrong way to do it. Follow the directions and you will receive an e-mail welcoming you to the list. SAVE THIS WELCOME MESSAGE, it will tell you how to unsubscribe from the list. This can usually be done quickly and automatically if done properly. You may want to unsubscribe after viewing a few days of e-mails. If you don't unsubscribe properly you could be on a list for a long time and not want to be.

If your e-mail program has a signature file, this should be disabled when trying to subscribe to most lists. The subscription information should be contained in the body of the e-mail with nothing after it. Do not sign your name in the body of the e-mail.

If a list goes out of existence and I have it listed on this page, I would appreciate an e-mail so people do not waste their time.

Every list seems to have common rules of etiquette. You are not allowed to slander people, swear, bait people, or advertise a product. These are grounds for being removed from a list. Being a member of a list is not a democratic privilege, it is controlled by the list moderator. So for many people it is a test of their hospitality. In other words, if you enjoy the list, be polite and think before you write.

PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL ME WITH QUESTION ON HOW TO GET ON OR OFF A LIST. I AM NOT AN EXPERT IN THESE MATTERS. If you have a problem signing on to a list, I have given the private e-mail addresses of the people that moderate each list. Send them a private e-mail and ask for help. Don't send me an e-mail because I have nothing to do with the operation of any of these lists.

If a List goes out of existence, or a new list starts, please let me know.


There are three lists on Agility, two in America and one in Australia.

German Shepherd Dog Lists

We are forming a new webring, called the German Shepherd Schutzhund Webring. We know there is already a Schutzhund webring, but we want ours to be for German Shepherd lovers. We are highly devoted SchH enthusiasts, the owner of our kennel with 25 years experience, twice titling her own dogs all the way to the WUSV. Our site will focus on working-line Shepherds and their owners/trainers/breeders. We want a friendly community webring where people can learn, post to newsgroups, participate in chat, and have a friendly camaraderie. So we were wondering if you would like to join. The page for joining is;addform

We will be listed in the webring directory and have a logo for your pages for links very soon. Since you would be one of the first on our ring, you would get many visits. If you are interested in this, please join by clicking on the hyperlink I sent and just fill in the boxes.

Landis at Adler Stein

1. There are 2 GSD lists. Gareth Davis ( is the list manager. If you want to join, send him a short description of yourself and why you would like to be on the list. Usually people are added within 2 days.

Send your application to:
In the body part of your e-mail type: GSD-L Application

2. Hoflin Publication has a GSD list that is moderated by Irain Oprisan ( All of the e-mails to this list may be published in Hoflin's magazines or books.

Send your request to:
on the body part of the e-mail put: Subscribe


This list is owned by Richard Stewart at The list deals with all topics related to herding.
To subscribe, send an e-mail to:
In the body section of the e-mail write: subscribe

Protection Dog List

Protection Dog Chat Line (PD-L), The PD-L is moderated by Dianne SanLorenzo ( Its a very active list. You can expect 30 to 50 e-mails per day, all dealing with protection training, mostly sport dog training and personal protection dog training.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to:

Dianne SanLorenzo (
In the body of the e-mail write:

subscribe PROTECTION-DOG-L your name (ie Ed Frawley), then give a short description of yourself and why you would like to join.

You will get an e-mail asking you to describing yourself and why you want on the list. After you send that back, you will be informed by e-mail what needs to be done next.

Bite hard-L.

The list administrators are Liz Bauer ( and Kathi Wilson (

To SUBSCRIBE to the list do the following:

Send a message to and in the body of the message put: SUBSCRIBE BITEHARD-L

Your subscription request will be sent to the list owners who
will request a full introduction from you. You will receive notice if you have been approved for membership after they receive your introduction.

If you need any other information feel free to contact Liz, Kathi or Tom (WORKNK9@COOKE.NET)

Schutzhund List:


Leave the subject line open and in the body of the message type:

subscribe schutzhund (your name)
You will get a reply to tell us a little about yourself and should take a few days to get You on.

Who responded to the idea of a new USA list. Those interested in subscribing may do so by going to Search for USA-GSD list and follow the subscription information.


The Dogs-Today Internet Forum
The DOGS-TODAY INTERNET FORUM in conjunction with the magazine Dogs Today is intended for the discussion of all dogs related topics with regard to activities and events. You can chat about anything. Tell us about your dog, Members throughout the world are welcome. We also run competitions. All doggy folk are welcomed. (Free membership) To subscribe, send an e-mail to:
In the message simply write subscribe dogs-today your e-mail address Administrator Co Owner Gill Minter

All-k9 Forum
This is a list for trainers, behaviorists, vets, students, and it is limited to those involved in training.
All trainers welcome (Free membership)
To subscribe send an email to: with the message body: subscribe all-K9
Administrator (Sheilagh B Wilson)

The British Police and Services Canine Association FORUM (free membership)

This forum is administered by George Grayson (UK) and David the Dogman (Marbella Spain) both life members of the BPSCA. The object of the BPSCA forum is to host an international exchange of information and this has been done through the BPSCA's own magazine THE SERVICE DOG which has been running now for over 10 years.

Details for anyone to enroll as members of the BPSCA or as a subscriber member can be found on the web at

All are welcome
The object of the forum is to further this international exchange of information. The forum is therefore open to all serving and retired dog trainers worldwide. To ensure that we also keep the list to cover a very broad spectrum and receive the opinions from all professionals whether they be in the Security Industry, the Veterinary Profession, Behaviorists, Obedience enthusiasts, Working Trials enthusiasts, Show Organizers, Instructors, Competitors, all are welcome.

Applications to join the forum should include:

Name and a contact address, detail of whether you are a serving service dog handler, retired, or, if not your profession or hobby. Whether you are a member of any other Service Dog Association. i.e. USA, Canada, Australia, Europe or any other worldwide Service Dog Association. E Mail Address Any Internet sites. Any person who wishes to send information that is private or confidential in nature should do this by private E Mail. The names of all persons on this forum will be kept by David and George and will not be disclosed to anyone. Upon receipt of your information we will subscribe you to our forum.

To subscribe
Send an email to

Rot Chat List

Lori May ( and Kathi Wilson
( are the list owners of this chat line. It has been in existence for a couple of years.

To subscribe:

Send a message to
LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM with no subject or Subject: none

In the body of the message write:


You will be sent a request for a full introduction; when the
list owners receive your introduction you will be added to the list.

If a List goes out of existence, or a new list starts, please let me know. Do not e-mail me to answer questions on what's going wrong with subscribing or unsubscribing to a list. I do not know the details of these things.


Mike Richman ( is the owner of this list. This list is open to anyone interested in competition obedience training. It is limited to 400 people so there may be a wait to get on. It can take 2 weeks from the time you subscribe to the time you are allowed on.

To subscribe:
On the body portion write: OBED-COMP application
In the body of the e-mail you need to write a short resume of your past experience in obedience and what you think you would add to the list. You don't have to be a pro to be on this list, so don't be intimidated by the resume requirement. Remember that there is a 400 person limit and you will be placed on a list of people waiting to get in if it is full when you try.


Mike Richman ( is the owner of this list. It is moderated by Anita Fahrenwald at This list is only open to obedience instructors. It has a 400 member limit and there can be a wait to get in.
To subscribe:
In the subject section write:
OBED-TEACH your name
In the body of the e-mail write a little resume.


Lori May at "" is the list owner of this chat line. It has been in existence for a couple of years.
To subscribe:
In the subject line write:
subscribe ROTTIE-L your name

Obedience Judges:


OBED-JUDGES is a private e-mail discussion list for provisional and approved canine obedience trial judges at all levels and registries. This list, and several others, are provided to us through the generosity and hard work of Mike Richman, listproc manager. The list is hosted by OBED-JUDGES list administrator, Richard Strong.

The purpose of OBED-JUDGES is to encourage the exchange of ideas related to the judging of obedience trials through free and open communication among peers. This list is meant to be a "think tank" for those with creative and thoughtful ideas. This list is meant to be educational in a way that may help us all better understand the challenges of judging today's obedience entries.

List Notes:

OBED-JUDGES is comprised of only provisional or regularly approved judges of obedience trials. This list is not for those who have only match judging experience. Registry officials (i.e. those who serve in any way in an administrative capacity for a dog registry) will not be granted membership to the list. Tracking judges or judges of any other performance events will not be accepted unless they also meet the above requirements for obedience trial judges.

The archive capability of OBED-JUDGES has been disabled to encourage more open discussion.

To apply for a subscription to OBED-JUDGES, you must contact Richard Strong and request a form that needs to be filled out completely.

Ricahrds e-mail address is:

Scent Lists

A Scent Dogs Chat list for Police Tracking, Narcotics work, Cadaver Recovery, and Search Work. Its hosted by the Texas Police Dog Association. This list is moderated by "Kathleen Weaver."

Send an e-mail to:
and you will get the information on how to join.


A small email list for SAR canine teams, called SAR-Dogs. This list its moderated by: "Liz Marr"

To subscribe to this list send a message to:
Within the subject and body of the message write
"sub sar-dogs your first name and last name."

There is a general subjects SR list. I don't know the details on subscribing, but the address for the list is if you send an e-mail there it will get seomones attention and they will get back to you. If anyone reads this and knows how to do it, please e-mail me.

If a List goes out of existence, or a new list starts, please let me know. Do not e-mail me to answer questions on what's going wrong with subscribing or unsubscribing to a list. I do not know the details of these things.


Mike Richman ( is the owner of this list. It is administer by Deborah Coats. This list only allows 400 members. If it is full when you try and get on, your name will be held on a list that will add you when they have cancellation.

Send to:

On the subject line write: subscribe TRACKING your-name



If you are not a professional and want to engage in dog talk etc you can subscribe to our other list UKDOGS-L by sending an email to and in the body of the email write only the following line and you will be automatically admitted.

subscribe UKDOGS-L

This new list is for professional dog trainers. It is very eclectic, and trainers from all disciplines are welcome. From obedience instructors to police dog trainers, assistance dog trainers to behavior lists.

To join, one needs to send a message to Martin Deeley, the list manager, at:

In this message please include your full name, and address. How many years you have been training, both professionally and otherwise. Tell a little bit about yourself.

You need to be committed to accepting all the others on the list, whether or not in agreement. There are no list rules, except that treat one another as you would wish to be treated.

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