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ROCA Training Jacket
Based on 1 reviews

ROCA Training Jacket

Based on 1 review
  • 6 front pockets
  • 1 large back pocket
  • Foldable hood - tucks into collar
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Made of nylon and mesh for durability




Neon Yellow

Lime Green



Platinum Gray


The ROCA Training Jacket will keep you warm in cooler climates and allow you to have the full function of a traditional training vest. There are a number of pockets throughout the jacket to allow you to carry food, toys and any other training equipment or personal items you may need. There is a large back pocket suitable for larger items and smaller pocket in the front for items like food, keys, whistles etc. The hood of the jacket is also storable inside the collar of the jacket.


Size Chest Hip Length
XSmall39"41 1/2"29 1/2"
Small41"43 1/2"30"
Medium45"45 1/2"31"
Large47"47 1/2"31 1/2"
XLarge50"50 1/2"32"
XXLarge54"54 1/2"32 1/2"
3XL58"58 1/2"33"
4XL62"62 1/2"33"
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I keep this training jacket in my car and had the opportunity to wear it the other day when the weather turned chilly. I wasn't training but hiking with a friend. I had 2 people on the hike (non dog people, just pedestrians) compliment me on this jacket. So besides the high functionality of this jacket for dog training/hiking it's also quite nice looking with a flattering fit.

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