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Leerburg Pedigrees Ron vom Peko Haus

Ron vom Peko Haus

Ron vom Peko Haus

Leerburg Stud Dog
IPO 1 (97-97-97)
KK2 a - A normal hips
AKC registration number DL745506/01


                                               Jago von der Jungen Hansen
                                       Grief zum Lahntal SchH.3 FH INT
                                               Cora zum Lahntal
                               Arthus vom Luensholz SchH.3 Kkl.2
                                               Bert vom Haus Knuefken
                                       Aischa vom Schloss
                                               Freia von der Munaquette
               Karlo vom Peko Haus SchH.3 Kkl.* Z-Bew.SG a zuerk
                                               Klodo vom Roten-Kreuz-Weg
                                       Basko vom Flughafenrand SchH.3
                                               Illa von der Klosesfreude
                               Erle vom Buckower Feld IP3 Kkl
                                               Caro vom Allerswald
                                       Blanka vom Koerbelbach SchH.3
                                               Friga vom Allerswald
RON VOM PEKO HAUS IPO 1  Hips "A" Stamp Normal
                                               Edo von den Sarazenern
                                       Oldo zur starken Eiche SchH.3
                                               Bianka zur starken Eiche
                               Dingo vom Stoppenberger SchH.3 Kkl.2
                                               Ari vom Nelfeltal
                                               Bessie vom alten Kauz SchH.2
                                               Carmen vom Lierberg
               Oda vom Peko Haus
                                               Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl
                                       Norbo vom Haus Marterstock
                                               Halla vom Haus Marterstock
                               Ricke vom Koerbelbach IP-1
                                               Caro vom Allerswald
                                       Umsa vom Bungalow SchH.3 FH
                                               Pali vom Bungalow 

A typical Ron pup

Line breeding:

Ron’s call name is Reacho. He is a recent import from Holland. His IPO 1 scores were 97-97-97. He is a black and tan dog but predominantly a black dog. He is very close to a bi-color.

Ron is an excellent dog. He has very sound nerves and great drive. He is an easy dog to be around yet he is very self confident. He is good with children yet in bite work he is not a dog that is going to accept inappropriate corrections. In fact he came with a warning from the old handler to be very careful with this dog.

Ron’s pedigree is outstanding. The Peko Haus Kennels is a well established Dutch kennel that is known for producing super working dogs. Peko Haus has a history of dogs going back into Germany as police service dogs, competition dogs and stud dogs. The breeder of Peko Haus (Co Latheuwers) helped me import this dog for breeding. He considers Ron the best son of Karlo Peko Haus. Karlo has been in the Bundessieger as have a number of his sons.

In fact Co had a litter in his kennel from Ron the week before I imported Ron to America. Co drove 700 KM to make the breeding.

When you have dogs like Grief zum Lahntal, Arthus vom Luensholz, Karlo Pehko Haus, Caro vom Allerswald, Umsa vom Bungalow in a pedigree - with a 5-5 line breeding on Bernd Lierburg, Caro and Quickie - you know you are going to get great working dogs. My old stud dog (Natan Busecker Schloss - who I consider the best dong imported into this country in the past 30 years was line bred 5-5 Bernd).

As of January, 2000 I have had 22 litters from Ron. These breedings have produced 75 males and 56 females. I have only had 4 dogs from these breedings with bad hips, 3 ears that have not come up, 2 testicles that have not come down and 1 bad elbow. As far as I am concerned these are exceptional statistics on a stud dog that has so many fine young dogs working in schutzhund clubs and S&R groups all over the country. This dog consistently produces himself. The pups are all environmentally sound, they all have good nerves and excellent working drives. If you are looking for a dog to compete at a high level in the sport of Schutzhund, I can honestly say that you can not do better than a puppy from Ron.

Sorry, I do not breed my stud dogs to outside bitches. There are two reasons for this.

A typical Ron pup
A typical Ron pup

Ron Puppies
Ron Puppies

Digit - Ron pup born 9-14-98
Digit - Ron pup born 9-14-98 - Owned by Martha Cole


November 5, 1999

1. Yes, very satisfied with the puppy

2. Yes, He arrived healthy

3. Yes, the pup had good stools when he arrived

4. Yes, His drives seems to increase more and more each day

5. I would rate them Good to Excellent.

6. Yes, the medical info was great. My vet did not agree on giving shots at such an early age. However, I don't always agree with her and I will take the word of a breeder with your experience over a vet with 2 years experience any day. I have not had a chance to ask her boss who is much more experienced. I spent a year researching you and reading you web page, so I was not worried about it.

7. Not that I think of. I'll buy my next dog from Leerburg

Gewalt is doing great. He is going to make a fine partner. He is a very social dog and is afraid of nothing. I have started him on tracking and he is doing well. I suspended bite training almost all together during teething, so that I could to focus on getting him accustom to disaster work. He already knows how to climb ship type steps, tunnel and hop on command. Obedience has been very easy. I just started him back on bite work. I had to back the training up a bit to make up for the lost time but he is on track. He is very calm on a bite sleeve and was very hard to out. I have went to a prong collar. He does not even feel a fur saver. He will out sometimes without a snatch on the prong collar, but he does not like to.(I am curious to know what you think of making him out with force at this stage. Will it be counter productive?)

He of course loves a ball and any thing else that moves (ie. broom, vacuum cleaner, me). He has also has learned find his balls that have cadaver scent. I have not been doing any work in this area though, since he is not finished tracking.

I think his guarding instinct is starting to kick in. A few days ago he let out a low bark at the neighbor, who was in the front yard making noise but almost out of sight. I praised him a bit and encouraged him, however he would not do it again.

His ears stood up and never went down. I am keeping him thin and he has no problems. I am feeding him science diet adult food. I have not put weighed him in a few weeks. I think he weighs about 60 Lbs. I have attached a pic. I will send you some action pics soon.

Thanks for the great work!
Michael Brakefield


April 23, 1999

Weichsel had her first session with a helper from Belgium who seems very good with all the dogs he works with and she did just great. All the rag work we did from watching the video really paid off. The pup took a minute to figure out the game of puppy tug with a new *helper*, but caught on fast. Her second session of the morning an hour later was proclaimed excellent, he was very happy with her and said she could definitely do the work! He also ran away in the first session back to the blind about 40 feet and cracked the whip twice, Weichsel looked straight at him, didn't flinch and stood her ground. Jaak will be out of town working with different folks for 2 months with all the finals and qualifiers going on, but hopefully he will be back in the area in July so we can pick up training again.

Her temperament towards work and in general is superb, she gets rave compliments, especially from folks that I have known for awhile and know the hectic 1/2 DDR dog I have. Everywhere I take her she is interested in the goings on, but then just calmly takes it all in. She is also excellent with any little children she meets, puts up with all the hugs and kisses little kids give dogs, which to me is just great as I don't have reliable kids in the neighborhood to borrow!

Sincerely yours,
Thora Salamon


You're right, I was really nervous about the x-rays with all the problems I have had before, but I didn't say so as I was worried more about my *luck* with all my other dogs then her breeding! The pup seems so solid and walks with such a great stride that I was hoping her hips would be as good as she moves. By the way, my vet does not want me to spay her and said she might be interested in a pup if I ever decided to breed her, I told her that was interesting from a die-hard Dobie person! But Doc says she is one of the nicest dogs she has seen and said again, don't spay her. We would still wait until she OFA's and some working titles first, hopefully. I remember from working on Thoroughbred horse farms how involved breeding is, so it is still a big decision that has yet to be made.

My husband and I are both getting a lot of enjoyment from her. She is already the first one up at night to check out any strange noises (lots of kids cruising the schoolyard late at night) and even if I am unable to compete with her because of my health, she will still be one of the best investments we have. And if she had been one of those inevitable ones that the genes just didn't work out right on, we had already decided that Weichsel would stay with us permanently, her intelligence and personality are just that endearing.

Just want to let you know that we are both just honestly happy with her and we will recommend your kennel to anyone looking for a GOOD shepherd.

Our best to you and yours,
Thora Salamon

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