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Leerburg Leerburg Schutzhund Training Group

Leerburg Schutzhund Training Group

Leerburg Schutzhund Training Group


Leerburg Kennels - training field is on the left side of the driveway down near the road.

Cindy and I are starting a small sport training group here at Leerburg. We hope to find a few people who would like to become serious schutzhund trainers.

We are looking for trainers who have an interest in learning to do helper work. It does not matter if someone has previous helper experience - it only matters that they are willing to learn. We have the dogs here at the kennel to assist in this training.

There are several nice schutzhund clubs in our area. Each of these clubs have dedicated members. We hope to join them in being able to improve the sport in this part of the country.

Our long term goal will be to establish a Schutzhund USA club. We have no problem if the people who train with us are DVG members. We also do not care what breed of dogs they train with as long as the dogs have acceptable temperament for the sport.

If people wish to get a feel for the type of training that we will be doing you only need to get a feel for the videos I am doing with Bernhard Flinks.

We have a permanent Schutzhund field, wood blinds, 40 acres of good tracking (with excellent cover changes). There is additional tracking ground ajoining my property. We hope to get a club house up in the near future.

Members of other clubs will always be welcome. Our weekend training will be on Sunday. The other local clubs have a Saturday training day.

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