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In June 2011, Ed produced a DVD titled The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work with Michael Ellis that has replaced this video. This Bite Training Puppies video, that was produced in the 1990's, is no longer available.

This DVD was produced in the early 1990's.

There are areas of dog training, be it Police Service work, Personal Protection work, or the European Ring Sports that require a dog to learn to bite. By selecting the right pup and then imprinting as much bite work as possible at a young age we end up with a adult dog that is more social but still does good protection work.

The first 45 minutes of this video deals with instincts and drives to look for in a puppy that you wish to start this training with. If you are not sure what we mean when we discuss good temperament, good nerves, and good drive then you can learn from the beginning of this video.

I discuss the various breeds of working dogs and demonstrate their working ability. Which breed one selected is a personal decision and this tape offers an unbiased opinion on different breeds of dogs.

Many people think that just because they purchase a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or a Malinois they will end up with a dog that can protect their family. Nothing can be further from the truth. The video explains how potential owners need to select the breed they want, then the "Type" of dog they want from that breed, and then they need to select the bloodline in that breed to go to for the type of work they want from their future dog.

I explain a number of puppy tests that show how to select the right pup in a litter for your work. This video was filmed over a 5 year period. In 1985 I was in Germany and filmed a litter of pups being selection tested for the sport of Schutzhund. In 1987 I went back and filmed one of the dogs from this litter just before it got it's SchH III. I include the video of this dog being selection tested and then again as an adult. I use the video to demonstrate that my puppy tests are very accurate in not only selecting a working puppy but also in determining what kind of temperament the pup will have as an adult. This particular dog does very nice bite work but he is not a willing obedience dog. The puppy tests told us this.

My selection tests were 100% accurate in forecasting the problems the handler would have with the dog as an adult.

Rather than use the word training in the title of this video we should have used the word "Imprinting." Training implies that we run a dog through a learning phase, then correction phases, and then proofing phases. We don't correct an 8 week old puppy. So "Training" really should not be used here. We imprint bite work through the sophisticated games we play with our dog. We use the natural instincts in the puppies to develop their natural genetic ability.

This video is not going to show you how to take any puppy of a working breed and make it into a personal protection dog. What it will do is give you the knowledge to take a puppy and develop it's genetic ability.

I cover handler related problems in training. Many times new handlers make mistakes when they train their first dog. This is normal. The key is that new handlers learn to recognize their mistakes and learn from them. I have an extensive section in this video explaining avoidance in our puppies.

I show the viewer how to imprint bite work through a step by step method of building drive. Many of the concepts of this work come from France and the French Ring Sport. The French Ring is all prey work and there is no credit given for a full mouth bite or full grip. In our tape we deal with developing a firm grip.

We show how to teach the puppy to focus on the man and not the sack or sleeve. We cover the foundation of the "COUNTER." This means the pup must bite deeper (rather than bite and pull backwards) to win his game of tug with the helper. Teaching the counter is key to developing strong personal protection or police service dogs.

If you are interested in the sport of Schutzhund I would not recommend this DVD - rather I would recommend the following DVDs:
While the sport of Schutzhund requires a dog to bite a human it does not teach a dog to become a personal protection dog. In Schutzhund the dog only bites a sleeve that's worn by the helper. Schutzhund dogs work under very specific rules.

The fact is many Schutzhund dogs will not do personal protection work or police service work because they either do not have the genetics to allow them to do the work or they have not been properly trained.

If you want a personal protection dog you need to train the dog differently than Schutzhund trainers train their dogs. This DVD on Puppy Bite Training sets a different foundation in training than most schutzhund dogs go through.

Read an article written on Bite Training Puppies by Ed Frawley.

Training Drive and Focus with Bernhard Flinks
If your goal is to compete in the sport of Schutzhund, or if you would like to raise a police service dog or personal protection dog that works in high drive, I would strongly recommend that you consider purchasing the videos I have done with Bernhard Flinks. The first in this series is Training Drive and Focus with Bernhard Flinks. Read the description of this tape on my web site. I cannot stress the value of the training information in this tape enough. Bernhard has been a police K-9 handler for 25 years and a top competitor in the world of Schutzhund. He stresses building a bond (through training) with your dog and to work your dog in high drive at all times. This tape shows exactly how to do this.

The First Steps of Bite Training
The First Steps of Bite Training explains the importance of bite development and the steps a dog, as young as 6 months of age, must go through before it can be ready for more serious defensive training. I would suggest that you read the description of this video on my web site.

Older Reviews

I am surprised that you don't recommend your "bite work for puppies" to Schutzhund people. I bought it for the puppy test info, but it is full of good stuff. I haven't had Gryph a week yet, but I already see improvement in his bite on the towel by releasing at the counter. That one thing is gold. —Huge

June 12, 2001
I just got your video and all I can say is that you are doing dog trainers and helpers alike a great service in doing what you do. I found some thing that I was doing wrong and things I can improve on. All I can say is keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to more of your videos! —Darian

April 14, 2000
I just received your videos "Bite Training for Puppies" and "The First Steps of Bite Training." Bravo. I watched them both several times already. I am not easily impressed, but I must say I am blown away by the amount of knowledge put into these tapes. I think it will be a lot easier to join a training club now that I have a bit more knowledge of what to look for. I don't like going into anything blindly especially when it comes to training my dogs. These tapes are an excellent tool to begin the education process on the proper procedures to bite training. I look forward to adding to my collection. —Amanda

I would like to thank you for your experience. I bought your tape "Bite Training Puppies" and I thought it was great. I used all of the selection tests that you show in the video to select my Stafforshire Terrier. Thanks to you, I pick a great dog that likes to do work already. He is 3 and a half months old, and he has incredible prey drive, and excellent temperament. I will do personal protection work with him. I have introduced the clatter stick, and the canvas dummy so far. He is very intense when we have our sessions.

I have also started motivational obedience as well. I have not hit, or raised my voice at him, and I have received great results.

Especially in house training. I have had him for two weeks now and he has stop using the restroom in the house, and number ones, and number two outside when asked.

I would really like to purchase "The First Steps To Bite Work" next. With these two tapes I can increase the likelihood of my puppy being a nicely trained protection dog. Thanks Again, Ed. —Andre

November 5, 1999
I received my first two videos from you last week (Bite training for puppies, & The firsts steps of bite training). I was impressed by the very clear language,and demonstrations in both tapes. Congratulations for your EXCELLENT work. —Heraclis, Cyprus

I have to tell you about something. One year ago my knowledge of the protection aspect of dog training was minimal. Since that time I have done my research. One of those steps toward this education is the purchasing of your tape "Puppy Bite Training."

With no other influence, I followed the concepts and approaches very carefully. I slowly built my puppies bite with the use of a rag and tug (following the many training steps). During this time I was very cautious not to introduce any defense in this training. This foundation work has produced what I feel is a dog that has progressed nicely for 9 months of age.

The importance of this became obvious to me last week while I trained with a group of people. The "trainers" are nice and well meaning people but I don't think they understand this aspect of training. There were several new puppies at our session. One thing I noticed was that the bite quality was poor on all these pups,in spite of good genetics for this type of work. I noticed right away (thanks to the tape) that the "trainers" were really pressing these pups into defense with lots of threatening frontal contact, premature advancement to a bite tube etc.

Nobody understood the concept of the "counter." In fact, none of the dog owners had ever heard of the phrase. The result of all this is a group of puppies that had bite quality 1/10th of my own dogs at the same age. Thanks for producing a tape that even I can follow.

My helpers are astonished at how well my dog bites even under distraction. Well, I know the key is good foundation work.

Thanks for recommending the tape "Bite Training Puppies." I have watched it a few times. Every time I get more questions in my mind. I went with my daughter to the local pet shop. It is a favorite place of hers. There was a German shepherd puppy that she has been wanting to get. I asked the sales lady to show us the puppy. The pup did not show any of the qualities shown in your video. I could not test all of them. It would not even chase a tennis ball that we were asking him to retrieve. Two weeks ago a almost bought the dog. Now I realize that not only did I save $599.00 dollars but a big head ache in the future, I think every potential puppy owner should have a copy of this tape. Thank you, Ed. —Enrique

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