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Powder Coated Aluminum Crate
Powder Coated Aluminum Crate
Powder Coated Aluminum Crate

Sorry, this product is no longer available.
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This powder coated aluminum crate is very durable. The crate has a very hard finish because there is a special coating process that is done in two steps. It is because of the two layers of coating on this crate that the finish is not only very hard but also extremely durable.

We offer one color choice for the powder-coated crates. Grey fleck on black; which is a stunning look.

The crates are powder coated on the interior and exterior. Compare this finish to any other powder coat finish crate on the market and you won’t come close to this price.

The size of this aluminum dog crate is 36 inches long, 24 inches wide and 28 inches tall. The gap between the bars on the crate is 2.5 inches. The thickness of the solid aluminum is 1/16." Most inside wheel-well measurements in trucks, vans, and SUVs are 48" wide. This way you can fit any two of the crates we offer in your vehicle side-by-side.

This crate has good ventilation on three sides. There is a slot on the crate interior to hang a flat-sided pail which can be purchased separately.

All of the crates that we offer at Leerburg are Tig Welded.

Why does Leerburg only sale crates made out of aluminum materials and TIG welded?

Aluminum for dog crates and kennels is the perfect material because it is lightweight, strong, does not rust. Best of all does not absorb the suns heat! All of the crates we offer are aluminum welded by the TIG welding process. TIG welding is a very difficult welding to do and is the welding process that we use because it is the strongest aluminum weld. TIG welding is also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). TIG welding is a high quality welding process that is used when a precision welding process is required. To do TIG welding it requires a special TIG welding machine. Many welders can weld steel but aluminum welding takes many years of experience to master. These crates are constructed by a master welder with 28 years experience.

Each side panel of the crate has two recessed handles which are a great feature. When the handles are not in use they fold down to be flush with the side of the kennel.

The door is a reinforced laser cut solid panel door with full length hinge. The latch is an upscale recessed stainless steel keyed latch. Stainless is the only way to go with latches as they will not corrode or rust. The crate can be locked or unlocked without losing the function of the door latch.

Most inside wheel-well measurements in trucks, vans, and SUVs are 48" wide. This way you can fit any two of our crates in your vehicle side-by-side.

Accessories shown in photos are not included.

The crate comes fully assembeled.

To line the floor of the crates here at Leerburg® Kennels, we use thick rubber mats cut to the size of the crates. They provide a softer surface for the dogs to lay on, and the dogs don't chew on them.

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