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Leerburg Training Gear DVDs Combat Reloading Your Semi-Automatic

Combat Reloading Your Semi-Automatic with Instructor John Farnam
DVD-R | 47 Minutes
Product #2031-D

Sorry, this DVD is no longer available.
We hope to have it available on our Video on Demand program in the future.

The Auto loader tape shows reloading on the 4 most common 9mm auto loading pistols in law enforcement: the Beretta F Model, the Smith and Wesson 6906, the Sig/Saur P-220, and the Glock Model 19.

John Farnam starts off in the classroom, teaching the basic principles of combat reloading. He then takes you to the range and shows the reloading process step-by-step.

You will learn the advanced techniques of reloading with one hand and reloading left-handed.

With this video and some practice, you should be able to get the reloading time of your semi-automatic pistol under three seconds.

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