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The Police WPO Trials DVD

1 Hour

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a free Leerburg video. To participate in Leerburg's pay per view program, you will need to register for a Leerburg account. If you don't have a Leerburg account, click here.

The Police WPO Trials

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This is a brand new demonstration video for the WPO Police Dog Trials. The video shows all of the exercises in the competition. While the tape was filmed at National Competitions here in America, some of the handlers are from Germany. The WPO consists of 3 different phases; Tracking, Obedience, and Apprehension. This tape shows all 3 categories.

The WPO is an internationally recognized Police Dog exam. It is only open to working police K-9 handlers with their street police dogs. The trials are held in conjunction with Schutzhund trials but are not open to civilian competitors.

There are a number of International Police Canine Certification programs. The DPO, the PSP, the Zollhund, and more. The WPO is a trial with an agreed upon middle ground for all of these programs. The rules are set by the International Congress of Police Service Dog Handlers.

This is a 1 hour video that shows excellent working dogs. If you are a K-9 handler interested in competition, this video will help sharpen your handling skills

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