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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs Basic Operation of the Handgun

Basic Operation of the Handgun with Instructor John Farnam

DVD-R | 1 Hour, 45 Minutes
Product #2201-D

Sorry, this DVD is no longer available.
We hope to have it available on our Video on Demand program in the future.

You have purchased your handgun, now its time to learn how to carry and shoot it.

Few people in the world are better qualified instructors than John Farnam: He has trained FBI Agents, major police department special tactical units, and foreign government anti-terrorist teams, as well as civilians, on safe effective weapons handling. Why not learn from the master?

John Farnam begins by discussing the facts and myths about recoil and how proper training can all but eliminate its effects. Vectoral and Rotational recoil are defined and demonstrated.

John then discusses timing, accuracy and power and how they relate to each other in firing your weapon under stress. He shows you where to target a thug that is trying to kill you.

There are many shooting stances taught - but John feels that only two can be recommended for defensive confrontations. They are the ISOSCELES and the WEAVER stance.

Both stances are discussed and demonstrated. The stances are taught by breaking them down into their integral components. He shows you how to put them together into a final product.

Your ability to draw your weapon quickly and safely may someday save your life. John has broken the draw into eight steps - each is a very simple movement that can be practiced separately. When you put them together you will develop a very effective presentation of your weapon.

Trigger pulls are not the same for all weapons. John shows the correct finger placement and pull for revolvers, single action autos, and double action autos.

Much of this video was filmed during an actual Police training session - when its over - you will begin to feel the confidence that is needed to safely carry and shoot your handgun.

This tape is recommended to all gunmen.

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