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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs Firearm Disarm Techniques DVD

Firearm Disarm Techniques DVD

DVD-R | 45 Minutes
Product #2210-D

Sorry, this DVD is no longer available.
We hope to have it available on our Video on Demand program in the future.

What would happen if someone put a gun in your face and threaten to shoot. Could you survive? If you imagine this happening to you, you need to see this DVD.

There are times and circumstances when taking a person's gun away is the only viable alternative in an already unfortunate situation. Can this be done? Yes! But, you need to know how.

John Farnam goes into great detail in showing you the advantages and disadvantages of the latest disarm techniques. He concentrates on the best techniques available.

John's philosophy is that the simplest technique is the one most likely to be remembered in a deadly encounter. This concept means you do not have to be a martial arts student to master these moves.

When a person holds a gun on you, he will either be holding it with ONE hand or TWO hands. Each situation is different.

There are four ways to take a gun out of another persons hand - you will see what works best in different situations. Every step is broken into component parts and then put together to produce a viable disarm.

After watching this video, you will see that with training, there is a possibility of surviving an apparently hopeless encounter.

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