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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs Cover Movement & Concealment DVD

Cover Movement & Concealment DVD

DVD-R | 26 Minutes
Product #2214-D

Sorry, this DVD is no longer available.
We hope to have it available on our Video on Demand program in the future.

The subject of this video is one of the most important in the field of personal defense and law enforcement. When you, as a police officer find yourself in a situation where a suspect has a weapon, you must understand the tactics that will allow you to come out of a confrontation without injury to yourself, and if possible, to the suspect. Proper tactics will hopefully present the suspect with an impossible situation where he or she has no choice but to surrender.

This tape teaches the differences between cover and concealment. We demonstrate when to use one over the other. To often we see police officers using the tactics they see on television or in movies. Unfortunately television tactics get people killed.

There is an excellent section devoted to using a vehicle as cover. We demonstrate and explain the best way to position both yourself and your squad car for maximum cover.

Another section deals with using distance to gain an advantage over an armed suspect. We also explain how and when to move in a tactical situation.

This tape is designed for new officers that have not had a great deal of street experience as well as more experienced officers that may need to review tactics.

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