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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs Training Your Agility Dog DVD

Training Your Agility Dog DVD

Training Your Agility Dog DVD
Training Your Agility Dog DVD
Training Your Agility Dog DVD
Training Your Agility Dog DVD

1 Hours, 35 Minutes
Product #303-D

Sorry, this DVD is no longer available.
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The Agility Dog Sport came to this country from England. It can be compared to a horseman's steeple chase. In the Agility sport a dog must run through a course with a number of different jumps and climbing apparatus. This is a timed event with detailed rules. The handlers run along with their dogs and direct them to each of the jumps. This is one of the fastest growing sports in America.

This video was filmed in England with Peter Lewis. Peter started training agility in the early 1980's. He is the founder of the Agility Dog Sport. This tape approaches every type of jump and climbing article separately. The training for each jump is broken down into a step by step training method that works on all dogs. Peter's methods are strictly motivational, there is no force used. This results in happy, working dogs that literally fly over the jumps.

The video teaches how to train the dog to hit every contact point. It also has a detailed training section on how to handle a dog in an Agility Competition. Unlike AKC obedience, Agility dogs need to work on the right, the left, in front, and behind the handler; American trainers have never had to approach this type of handling in any other style of training. This video shows you how to train this.

Read an article on Agility by Ed Frawley; written after producing this video.

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