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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs Training a Competition Heeling Dog with Tom Rose DVD

Training a Competition Heeling Dog with Tom Rose DVD

Training a Competition Heeling Dog with Tom Rose DVD
Training a Competition Heeling Dog with Tom Rose DVD
Training a Competition Heeling Dog with Tom Rose DVD

This DVD is no longer available. It has been replaced with Focused Heeling with Michael Ellis.


It has been our policy to take our older DVDs (LIKE COMPETITION HEELING) and stream. My thinking is to let current dog trainers look at how it used to be done. This is an opportunity to let people look back 20 to 30 years (or more) and see the older methods of how people used to train dogs. You can see our streaming videos by clicking here.

Our old Competition Heeling DVD was produced back in the early 1990's, training methods have dramatically changed since back then. Our new DVD incorporates marker training and is based on Michael's theory of dog training. If you go to our free streaming video section on our web site you can watch Michael lecturing on his system.

I wanted to write you and thank you for this wonderful video "training the competition heeling dog" As soon as it arrived I grabbed a note book and a pen and watched it, as I took notes. I have several videos & books that are on a shelf collecting dust sadly they were not worth 1/2 what I paid for them. However I must say Training The competition Heeling Dog is an outstanding video worth every penny and then some!! Very clear and easy to understand and each step is broken down to where anyone can learn. I liked that this video demonstrated with untrained & trained dogs. I am confined to a wheel chair and this is the first video I have bought that I can actually use the methods taught on the video. I have started my attention ground work with both my green dog as well as with my competition dog and I am thrilled with the results I am getting.

I also ordered the Medium Orbee ball for my competition obedience dog he is absolutely ball crazy. I only use the Orbee on our stationary exercises because he gets to focused on the toy during our heeling. He loves this ball and it has improved our recall tremendously He can't wait to get his Orbee Reward. This is a great ball strong enough for a large Rottie during reward training yet soft enough he can grip the ball and if it bounces up and hits the dog it doesn't hurt the dog like so many solid balls I have seen. Even just during reward training the normal balls on a string could never hold up to my boys jowls they'd fall apart after a few uses. Not the Orbee ball It's Great!!

From now on I will only order training videos through Leerburg!!Thank you for offering these great videos & sound training advice!!

Amy (IN).

Hi, I've ordered books and the 2 videos from you the basic Dog Obedience and Competition Heeling Dog. I have 3 male English Mastiffs, 2 are young, intact show dogs.

I thought you'd like to know, I just got my CD in novice A on my Baron at 21 months of age. He's 34" at the shoulder and 212 lbs, so a very, very large young Mastiff. He qualified his first 3 outings in the ring and scored in the mid 180's for all three legs. He placed 4th for the first and third legs.

On his 3rd leg, the judge commented that he's the largest dog she's ever had try for a CD in her 20 years of judging and he did an outstanding job, was the only novice that kept the correct pace, had the fastest recall and no handler errors.

Not only did he do as he was trained, he also thought for himself. On the off-lead heel, the judge had us turn very close to the side rail. Baron went to come around me, looked at the lack of space and chose to come up on my right side, kept pace to the fast, did the about and returned to the correct side and a perfect final sit (yes we lost points, the judge didn't realize she turned us too close). On the recall, his gallop was sooo fast he had a hard time stopping and sat in front so close that he angled to my left to avoid hitting me. 2 points off for the crooked front, BUT when commanded to finish, he stood up and was already angled on my left and proceeded to do a perfect 'flip' finish (not practiced for over 6 months) instead of his usual 'around me.'

Thank you for the videos. They turned the trick on helping him with his turns and speed on recall. Yes, we are going on for his CDX and aiming for scores in the 190's!!

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