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Eat, Drink, and Wag Your Tail DVD
Eat, Drink, and Wag Your Tail DVD

48 Minutes
Product #415-D

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Cindy and I think this DVD is not just good, but the best DVD we have seen about an all natural diet. If you’ve been on the fence about moving to a raw diet, this video is for you.

The all-natural diet industry grew by 65% in the last year. This trend will continue as people learn the benefits to the lives of their dogs. We here at Leerburg have fed an all-natural diet for years and have the healthiest dogs we have had in 30 years of breeding.

By the author of Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. “Eat, Drink, and Wag Your Tail” is an informative and engaging documentary that challenges commonly held beliefs on dog health. With a substantial rise in cancer, skin allergies and achy joints, dogs of today are living less healthy, active lives. Eat, Drink and Wag Your Tail confronts a difficult issue by finding fun and simple ways for pet owners to enhance their dog’s lives; the natural way.

Thank you for caring about the wellness of dogs. With each small step, may we understand more about vitality, nutrition, exercise and love and how each of these important facets of a dog's life, and ours, are interconnected.

The DVD contains an extensive interview with Dr. Pitcaren who is one of the first Vets in this country to write about the benefits of an all-natural diet.

10% of all profits from wholesale purchases of this DVD will go to animals in need.

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