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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 1998 Dutch KNPV 1 Championships DVD

1998 Dutch KNPV 1 Championships DVD

1998 Dutch KNPV 1 Championships DVD
1998 Dutch KNPV 1 Championships DVD
1998 Dutch KNPV 1 Championships DVD
1998 Dutch KNPV 1 Championships DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. Watch online at Leerburg on Demand.


Every year on the first weekend in September the Dutch KNPV sponsors their national championship in Den Bosh Holland. The competition takes place in De Viliets stadium in Den Bosh.

This years winner was Nico Poen. Nico is a professional dog trainer by trade and a KNPV competitor as a sportsman. He is in the championships almost every year. In 1998 the chips fell in his corner and he won the event. Nico comes to the states once or twice a year and teaches KNPV seminars in Georgia and Florida.

The KNPV is one of the fastest grown dog sports in America. The similarities to police work are bringing a lot of people into the sport.

The KNPV championships take place on Friday and Saturday on the first weekend in September. The KNPV 1 takes place on Saturday. The obedience exercises take place for all the dogs on Saturday morning. There are 6 or 7 stations that each dog rotates through. I followed one of the dogs, Nico, through all of his obedience routines. Its impossible to film all of the dogs in every obedience exercise, so I was lucky to have picked Nico as the dog to follow through his work.

In the afternoon the dogs move into the stadium for the bite work exercises. There are 5 different routines in the KNPV 1. Rather than each dog going on the field and going through all 5 routines one after the other (as they do in most dog sports) the dogs rotate through the field all afternoon. They all go through the first bite work exercise according to catalog order. When all have done exercise number one they all come back and go through exercise number two. This is the way that I have edited the tape. I feel that it gives a real feel for the event.

The KNPV is first and foremost a dog sport. It is not police work. Even in Holland the KNPV dogs that go into police work must go through 6 weeks of additional training before they are allowed to certify to work on the street as a working police dog. I will say that KNPV is much closer to actual police work than any other dog sport. Certainly much more so than the sport of Schutzhund.

I was able to go right out on the field to get this outstanding video. If you are a fan of the KNPV or would like to learn more about it, this is an excellent video to study.

PS: I would like to add a footnote here that a number of American dog dealers have been bringing KNPV dogs in from Holland and selling them to police departments as certified police service dogs. Not only is this not accurate, it's fraud. I would caution any and every police department against doing business with these people. If your department is going to get Dutch KNPV dogs, make sure that the handler and dog go through a substantial amount of retraining before they are allowed to go on the street and work because a straight KNPV dog is not qualified to do this.

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