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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 1998 Belgian Ring 1 Championships DVD

1998 Belgian Ring 1 Championships DVD

1998 Belgian Ring 1 Championships DVD
1998 Belgian Ring 1 Championships DVD
1998 Belgian Ring 1 Championships DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. Watch online at Leerburg on Demand.


The Belgian Ring 1 is the highest level of Belgian Ring. Unlike the sport of Schutzhund where a Schutzhund 3 is the highest, in Belgian the Ring 3 is for the beginners and the Ring 1 is for the old pros. This sport is for the malinois. This is the only breed of dog that competes in the nationals.

The level of control that is experienced in the Belgian Ring is extraordinary. If we Americans think that Schutzhund has a few distractions and areas to loose control, we have not seen anything compared to the Belgian Ring.

The competitors never know what the bite work events are going to be like until the day of the championship. The judges have a great deal of leeway in determining what the dogs will face at each event. The only way to train for this kind of competition is to make sure you have a dog with sound nerves and a clear head.

As in Schutzhund, the dogs in the Belgian Ring are scored on the quality of the grip. This genetic fact is very important in Belgium and is reflected in the quality of dogs in the Belgian NBVK.

I would like to thank "Germain Pauwels" ( for the help that he and his wife provided over the past three years of filming the Belgian Ring events. Germain is an official in the NBVK and he is also one of the three judges in this years event. When I arrived at the competition, Germain had made arrangements for a boom lift truck to be parked next to the ring for me to film the event from. I would sincerely like to thank him for this generosity.

Germain s wife is a video hobbiest. I hope that she will begin to produce some training videos for the Belgium Ring. If you have an interest in learning more about the Belgium Ring feel free to email Germain.

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