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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 1999 KNPV 2 PH2 Championships

1999 KNPV 2 (PH1) Championships DVD

1999 KNPV 2 (PH1) Championships DVD
1999 KNPV 2 (PH1) Championships DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a $1.99 Leerburg on Demand video. To participate in Leerburg's pay per view program, you will need to register for a Leerburg account. If you don't have a Leerburg account, click here.


This years KNPV took place as it always does in Den Bosh, Holland. It's always on the first Friday and Saturday in September in De Viliet Stadium. The KNPV 2 is always on Friday, while the KNPV 1 is on Saturday.

This tape is edited to show one dog go through each of the obedience routines (except the bark exercises in the woods which spectators can not see). The obedience exercises are:

  • Area search for the rifle
  • Area search for the man in the woods
  • Water work
  • Small article search
  • Heeling exercises
  • Long down
  • Food refusal from a stranger
  • Guard the article
  • Jumps
  • Transport of an intoxicated suspect
  • Be quiet - under gun fire
I then edited all of the top dogs going through the bite routines. There is video footage of every dog in the event. Due to the time limitation of a 2 hour video, I was not able to put every dog on the tape doing every bite routine.

There are 5 protection routines for the KNPV 2 dogs:
  • The stick attack (the dog must be hit with the stick before it bites)
  • Two Helper - attack under gun fire
  • The "Call Back" - with the helper running away
  • The attack of a helper riding a bike
  • The bark and hold
Handler Dog Score Place
A.L. Kok Huub 474 1
L. Beck Rocky 470 1/2 2
H.C. Roelofs Laron 470 3
J.L.H. Roelofs-Burger Rico 469 1/2 4
J. Koppelman Robbie 467 1/2 5
E. Bakker Tica 464 1/2 6
Y. Kraemer Roy 461 7
H.A.M. Lemstra Daisy 458 1/2 8
A. van de Want Rambo 452 9
G.A.J. van Hagen Kely 446 10
M.v.d. Haterd


438 1/2


M.T. Looff


436 1/2


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