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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 2001 KNPV I (PH I) Championships DVD

2001 KNPV I (PH I) Championships DVD
2001 KNPV I (PH I) Championships DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a FREE Leerburg on Demand video. To participate in Leerburg's pay per view program, you will need to register for a Leerburg account. If you don't have a Leerburg account, click here.


Over the years of filming the KNPV championships I have noticed that the quality of the dogs will vary from year to year. This year I saw very spectacular dogs in the PH 1 competition. The helpers were taken to the ground a number of times. Several KNPV judges came up to me to say that these were the best group of dogs they had seen in many years at a competition. There were absolutely amazing hits.

This video has the first 10 places on it.



Place Naam Hondgegevens Scores
(Afd.1 - Afd.2 - Afd.3 - A.A. - W.v.V - Total)
1 L. Beck Kazan, x M.H., reu 65-20-335-10-9-439
2 A.W.J Kleine Schaars Euro, xM.H., teef 65-20-333.5-10-10-438.5
3 J.G.M. Puts Kira, xM.H., teef 65-20-333-10-10-438
4 F.P.J. Vingerhoets Rudy, xM.H., reu 63-20-335-9.5-9-436.5
5 A. Elissen Benno, xM.H., reu 64.5-20-332-10-10-436.5
6 A.J.M. Rijken Castor, xM.H., reu 64-18-334.5-10-9-435.5
7 L.J.H. van der Linden Rex, M.HxGrd, reu 64-20-331.5-10-10-435.5
8 A.C. Martens Lanzo,xM.H., reu 65-20-330-10-9-434
9 E.J. Niemeijer Cody, xH.H., reu 64-20-330-10-10-434
10 A.T.B. Zwart Berry, x M.H., reu 59.5-20-332.5-10-10-432

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