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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 2001 KNPV II (PH II) Championships DVD

2001 KNPV II (PH II) Championships DVD
2001 KNPV II (PH II) Championships DVD

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Over the years of filming the KNPV championships I have noticed that the quality of the dogs will vary from year to year. This year I saw very spectacular dogs in the PH 1 competition. The helpers were taken to the ground a number of times. Several KNPV judges come up to me to say that these were the best group of dogs they had seen in many years at a competition. There were absolutely amazing hits.

All dogs appear on this video.


Place Naam Hondgegevens Scores
(Afd.1 - Afd.2 - Afd.3 - A.A. - W.v.V. - Total)

1 M.G.H. Peeters Quatro, M.H., reu 49-100-184-10-10-353
2 T.H.M. Beckers Sandor, xM.H., reu 50-101-182-10-10-353
3 P.L. Mols Iwan, xM.H., reu 50-94.5-185-9.5-9-348
4 G.H.W. Sturme Bas, xH.H., reu 49-93-184-10-10-346
5 H.H. van Rooij Eska, x M.H., teef 50-88.5-185-10-10-343.5
6 G.J.H.C. Janssen Bonja, xM.H., reu 49.5-91-183-9.5-9-342
7 M.J.G.M. Kleuskens Laron, xM.H., reu 50-100.5-167-10-10-337.5
8 A.G.M. Musch Roy, x M.H., reu 46-97-176-10-7-336
9 J. H.van Hagen Kim, x M.H., teef 50-92.5-166.5-10-8-327
10 A. Boone Duco, x M.H., reu 49.5-90.5-167-8.5-8-323.5

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