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All Breed Herding - The Next Steps DVD

DVD Only | 59 Minutes
By Lynn Leach
Product #505C-D

Sorry, this DVD is no longer available.
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"The Next Steps” picks up where the first video finishes. It is 59 minutes long, and begins with ideas to slow your dog down, which includes the progressive training of the ‘stop’ command. Advanced training becomes much easier if your dog will hold a ‘stay’ while the handler moves off of the balance point.

The video goes on to teach respect of the flight zone and a straight walk-up. These skills were touched on in the first video, and have now been defined in an organized manner so that you can prepare a training plan and move onto the next level.

‘The Next Steps’ then demonstrates drills to extend and widen the outrun, followed by trial skills including take pens and freestanding obstacles, and introducing driving.

The insert that is included with the video offers several training tips that just would not fit onto the tape. Together, this booklet and the two videos will take beginner handlers and their dogs through the training timeline from the first introduction to livestock, to being competitive at the starter level (and possibly the intermediate level) of most all-breed herding programs……….

The launch of a new herding video: An introduction to ALL Breeds Herding
Lynn has just launched her new herding video and the response has been tremendous. Her easy to understand practical approach can allow dog owners to develop their dogs to perform this activity. Lynn addressed some of the most common problems and provides solutions to these problems for upright herding breeds.

What are dog owners saying?
The feedback received only confirms the integrity of Lynn’s teaching methods: “There are quite a few herding videos out there. Only the newest one by Lynn Leach is truly an “all breed instructional with answers to specific questions… It is the best herding video yet.”

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