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Mondioring DVD

KNPV Finals The Royal Dutch Police Dog Trial DVD
KNPV Finals The Royal Dutch Police Dog Trial DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a $4.99 Leerburg on Demand video. To participate in Leerburg's pay per view program, you will need to register for a Leerburg account. If you don't have a Leerburg account, click here.


The Mondioring sport translates into "WORLD RING. It is a combination of the French Ring Sport, the Belgian Ring Sport, the KNPV, and Schutzhund. It originated as a result of a desire for a dog sport that all the people of Europe could compete in. The sport is difficult for Schutzhund dogs, and KNPV dogs. The reason is that the Belgian Ring is much more intense and the French helpers are the finest in the world.

His video was filmed in Tourni, Belgium. Tourni is on the French border near Lil, France. This tape is packed with action. You really need to see this to believe what some of these dogs are capable of doing. I have included the most exciting portions of Mondio in addition to portions of the demonstrations from the Belgian Ring, the French Ring, and the Dutch KNPV. You will see a helper do bite work on his back in a small swimming pool. You will see a dog go through a wall of fire to take a bite. You will see a dog guard an article (when the article is a small girl).

This is the first tape of the Belgian Ring. In it you will see the famous Malinois "Bebber." He is the highest scoring dog in the history of the Belgian Ring and certainly one of the finest Malinois' to ever live. The Belgium Ring is the most difficult dog sport in the world. As a rule, dogs that come from the Belgian Ring Sport make the best police service dogs.

This is a video that fascinates people. Once they turn it on they have to watch it all. If you have seen other interesting demonstration tapes I will say this "You ain't seen nothing until you have seen the Mondioring.

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Hi Ed,

I loved the video you mailed me on Mondioring. It really gave me insight of how dedicated a dog can be in protecting its partner. The most impressive run in the trial was when the little kid was used as a protection item and the kid had full control over a dog that could of easily mauled the agitator. One quick question, when the agitators hit the dogs with sticks and branches, do they use realistic force or just mock force? The video showed some great highlights that amazed me, I like the camera work, thanks again!


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