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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 1990 IFR Rott Schutzhund Championship DVD

1990 IFR Rott Schutzhund Championship DVD


This tape shows no tracking, but shows obedience and protection phases.

This is a list of the dogs that are shown on the video. The list was compiled with the help pf Steve Estrada. Steve owns von Offenbach Rottweilers.

Dog Handler Place Score
Bronack vom Aalstrom Ron Gordon USA 1st 100/96/97=291
Liberties a Chip of the Ark Sue Borgen USA 7th 97/94/90=281
Berry vom Silbergrund Bianca Reidel DDR 18th 100/93/0 b=193
Kassan van Hotterbronner Willi Rosseel  B 17th 88/64/80=232
Dino vom Bruckenbrink Wayne Simanovich USA 3rd 100/95/97=292
Mutz vom Teufelsitz Klaus Endler   DDR 15th 80/93/86=259
Ambra vom Muthmannsdorf Alfred Wanck A 8th 98/86/96=280
Idum Hendrik Hjarth DK 9th 100/89/91=280
Sid vom SchloB Fischlham Erich Hiebler  A 11th 98/82/97=277
Fjordbakkens Andy Herman Josef Wenz 5th 100/86/98=284
Harkon vom Leinetal Paul Lippert   D 6th 96/89/98=283
Nero Michael Lassen   DK 12th 96/94/86=276
Xago Flemming Jensen  DK 13th 100/91/82=273
Akido Kim Peterson   DK 16th 83/88/84=255
Aron vom Fohrenbiehl Franz Hiesmayer  A 10th 93/91/93=277
Junior von Reyshof Jean van Roy   B 14th 100/84/80=264
Eiko vom Ammonit Josef Stopferd   D 2nd 100/98/95=293

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