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Leerburg Training Videos & Books DVDs 1996 KNPV 1 Championships DVD

1996 KNPV 1 Championships DVD

1996 KNPV 1 Championships DVD
1996 KNPV 1 Championships DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a Leerburg on Demand video.


This is the video of the 1996 Netherlands Police Dog Championships, otherwise known as the KNPV or PH1 Championships. The competition takes place in the same stadium every year in St. Hertogenbosch, Holland.

The KNPV is one of the fasted growing dog sports in America. The reason for this is that dogs trained for the KNPV are much better suited to Police Service work than Schutzhund dogs or one of the other European Ring Sports.

This is a demanding and difficult dog sport. I was given permission to film the event from the side of the competition field. This resulted in outstanding video footage of some of the best KNPV Malinois in the world. There are some spectacular catches in bite work.

I was lucky enough to follow the winner (Hanns Pegge) during the morning obedience routines. We will see all of Pegge's obedience work with his dog Rocky. Pegge also competed in the KNPV 2 Championships with a second dog (Arras).

This KNPV 1 video contains all of Pegges morning exercises and all of the bite work exercises for the top 10 dogs in the competitions. I have also included a list of the Dutch commands for KNPV being spoken by a Dutch friend of mine. There are a lot of KNPV dogs in America with handlers that do not know what commands their dog knows or how the dogs should work. This video will answer many of those questions.

The winner of the KNPV 1 Championship was:

Hans Pegge
W. Royaardsstr. 4
7558 RV Hengelo
Phone = 011 31 74-2775923

Hans bred the dog he won with. He also bred the dog he took 4th place in the KNPV 2 Championships in 1996. So in addition to being a champion trainer, he is also a top breeder.

I am sorry to say that the dog that won this championship (Rocky) died in December, 1995 shortly after winning the championship.

A number of people have asked for the address for the headquarters of the KNPV in Holland. So here it is:

Bureau of KNPV
Liendestseweg 108
3815 BJ Amersfoort

Hi Ed,

I loved the video you mailed me on Mondioring. It really gave me insight of how dedicated a dog can be in protecting its partner. The most impressive run in the trial was when the little kid was used as a protection item and the kid had full control over a dog that could of easily mauled the agitator. One quick question, when the agitators hit the dogs with sticks and branches, do they use realistic force or just mock force? The video showed some great highlights that amazed me, I like the camera work, thanks again!


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