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Visiting Hollandís KNPV Clubs and Trials DVD

Visiting Hollandís KNPV Clubs and Trials DVD
1997 Belgian Ring III Championships DVD

This dog competition is no longer offered on DVD. It is only offered as a FREE Leerburg on Demand video.


The first 40 minutes of this video is from the Rotterdam Police Dog School. These trainers are some of the best tracking and scent work trainers in the world. You will see some examples of hard surface tracking in this tape that will blow your mind. While the video is not intended as a training tape I have included some very interesting training steps for hard surface tracking in the video.

There is also a collection of video footage from various KNPV clubs in Holland. The majority of the footage is of club members training their dogs. You will see a level of cooperation among club members that is not seen in Schutzhund. Unlike Schutzhund, training a dog in Holland is a team effort by all club members. They have a regimented program that has been proven to work for everyone. The tape also contains highlight footage of KNPV competitions from the Netherlands. This video will show some of the training techniques used for guarding the article, area search in the woods, food proofing the dog and bike work. Once again, this is not a training video but you will see different methods used by the clubs. You will also see Appi Kamps working several dogs. Appi is one of the top trainers in the KNPV in Holland.

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