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Leerburg Equipment Leashes Handmade Amish Leather Dog Leashes

Handmade Amish Leather Dog Leashes
Handmade Amish Leather Dog Leashes

6-Foot Dog Training Leash (3/4 inch wide)
New page for the Leather Leashes!
4-Foot Dog Training Leash (3/4 inch wide)
New page for the Leather Leashes!
6-Foot Dog Training Leash (1/2 inch wide)
New page for the Leather Leashes!

Our Leerbug dog training leash is the finest leather dog leashes that money can buy.

Our dog leashes are 3/4 inch wide SOFT Latigo LEATHER. You will never find a leash of this quality in any pet store or dog food warehouse.

The snap on our Amish dog leash is the highest quality Italian bronze snap. These snaps are sewn and then pop riveted to insure the highest security available. This is very important in Schutzhund and police protection training where a broken leash can spell disaster.

You can buy a cheaper leash at any store in your town, you will NEVER buy a better quality leash anywhere.

We also have added a 1/2 inch wide leather leash to our selection of handmade leashes. This leash is also 6 ft long and rivited for added strength, but only 1/2 inch wide. Perfect for mid-sided dogs like Jack Russell Terriers or Cocker Spaniels! Identical construction as our 4 ft. and 6 ft. Leather Leashes that are 3/4 inches wide.


I ordered the Amish leather leash that you carry and I just recieved it yesterday. I was a little skeptical regarding the quality of the leather on contruction considering it is relatively inexpensive for a leather leash. I am amazed in the quality of the leather and construction. I can't believe how soft the leather is and how comfortable it feels in your hands. Just wanted to say thanks for carrying only quality products.

I have done a lot of reading on dog training and I haven't come across anyone that is more of an advocate of the prong collar than you so I was unsure about using one. My pup that is 18 weeks now started getting into the habit of pulling on the leash about 3 weeks ago and I wanted to stop this behavior before it developed into a problem. I tried using a choke collar but that had no effect on stoping my pup pulling. All that happened was he was choking him self. After reading many of your traing articles and watching the basic obediance video I decided to give the prong collar a try.

I can't believe the results. It was like he was trained to walk on the leash without pulling in 30 seconds. Now, 3 days latter, I can get him to heel or just stay close without any tension on the leash. I have to say the prong collar is an amazing training tool.

I tried doing a search to find a negative effects from the prong collar but to no avail I couldn't find any solid information. All I found was these so-called trainers saying it was inhumane to use because it causes pain to the dog and a halti should be used. I completely disagree. Whats more inhumane, a dog that wears a prong collar and learns not to pull or a dog that pulls so had he chokes himself every walk he goes on.

Thanks for all of your quality information and producdts and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. This is the place I will be getting all of my dogs products from now on based on the quality I have seen from the leash, training video, and your invaluable advice.


August 1, 2000

The quality of the leather is extremely good I can not get this quality in Europe. I passed your address on to some other people in Europe and in the USA who have interest in your products.

Kind regards,
Kiene Zandbergen
Ter Waele kennel

February 26, 1999


I wanted to let you know that I received a 6' Amish leather lead I ordered from you today. As you probably know, to many people a lead is a lead. Most people just want it to be 6' leather and of passable quality. I have had many leads over the years that I have paid varying amounts for. I have to say that your lead is the best I have ever had. The weight and thickness of the leather is great, and the soft supple high quality of the leather makes it a pleasure to handle. Most lead require a couple of weeks or months to break in before they are comfortable in the hand and flexible enough to be easy to handle quickly. Yours' is broken in and ready to use from day one. I also want to let you know that I have found your videos to be very clear and informative.



Just a note about the leash I purchased from you ,I have been looking for a Good quality leather leash for a while and locally here In central NY I have found only poor constructed ones and I am real pleased at the leash I purchased from you. I have a 95 pound standard Poodle as my companion Dog, in to obedience training and I really find your web site full of good info.


I just wanted you to know that I made a purchase from you on-line a few months ago. I've ordered leashes on the internet before, but yours were just wonderful. Not only was I impressed with it, I've had people stop me and ask where I purchased it!! I was very pleased with the whole order, including the video tape and the undercoat rake. Thanks for selling high quality products!!!



I received two leashes a 4 foot leather and the 15" traffic and am very impressed by the quality, Thank You for making a leash of this quality available to the public. I would recommend it to anyone out there who wants a quality product, that your companion deserves.

Thanks again,

Just want you to know that I LOVE these leashes. I had one that lasted me forever, then was chewed into 11 pieces last week. : ( I guess the dogs like 'em too. It was time to reorder anyway. Thanks for supplying such a great product, at such a great price!


Thanks for having a very simple and clear website, and very clear checkout process with reasonable shipping charges. I searched "google" for Leather Dog Leashes, and your site was on the 1st page and indeed the description of the product and the price seems to be world class. Can't wait to start to use this leash!! Thanks & have a nice day.

Kind Regards,

I love the leather in your leashes, soft but strong! Can't wait for them to arrive. : )



I want to thank you for the very nice amish leashes that you have brought to customers. I was using a leather leash that I bought from PetSmart, and the quality does NOT compare to that of the Leerberg amish leather leash. PetSmart leather leashes are heavy, stiff, bulky and cheap. Not only that, but the stitching was wearing off, as well, and I only had purchased it a few weeks back. My 1 year old Malinois would pull hard on the leash (not anymore, thanks to your Obidience and Dominant dog DVDs), so I decided for the sake of safety to get a good quality leash. I have given countless prong collar corrections, ranging from levels 1 to 10, and the Leerburg leash has not given up on me. A dominant dog collar has also been used with this leash, and the leash still holds up very well.


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