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Leerburg On How to View the Archives

On How to View the Archives

On How to View the Archives

of Leerburg Discussion Board

Anyone can read all the forums, threads and questions that are on my discussion board without being a registered member of the board.

I never erase or delete old threads. There is a tremendous amount of good information in the archives of the board. You can read all of these archives. It's very simple to do. Here is how it's done

The way the web board is set up: When you first go to the board you will see the various forums are listed on the left side of the page. A forum is basically a MAIN TOPIC (i.e. Basic Dog Obedience) There are over 125 various forums.

Each forum has many many threads(topics). A thread is basically a question that a board member has asked on the board. A thread also contains the answers to the questions that have been asked.

You can view the ARCHIVES of all the questions that have been posted to the board from the beginning of the board by scrolling down to a specific forum that your question pertains to - i.e. Basic Dog Obedience.

When you click on Basic Dog Obedience you will see all of the questions that have been asked (THREADS) in the last 45 days. To see the answers to these questions - just click on it.

To see all of the Basic Dog Obedience questions that have ever been asked on this board - look at the top of the page and you will see NEW TOPIC box. Under the NEW TOPIC box is a drop down box. If you click on the drop down box you will be able to select how far back you want to see questions. Here are your options: If you click on one of these options you will see all of the questions asked during that time frame.

I hope my web board provides you with answers to your question. Don't forget that I have an extensive list of dog training articles and Q&A sections to my web site. Click her to go to that section.

If you want to go back to the web board hit your BACK button on your web browser.

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