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Leerburg Photos of Jeff in Baghdad

Photos of Jeff in Baghdad

Photos of Jeff in Baghdad

Click here for 2nd set of photos.

This is a photo of Jeff on the plane into Baghdad International Airport - a lot of things going through the head of a 19 year old. I guess you have to put yourself in the seat next to him to appreciate the unknown of what lies ahead. Every member of our military has gone through similar moments where you look back within yourself and wonder if you will be good enough to stand with your teammates.

I love this photo (I think it was taken by mistake) - it is a photo of Jeff's chest. The picture was taken on the plane flying into Baghdad International Airport. I have it framed and hanging in my office. I can only imagine how hard his heart was beating at this moment in time.

A photo of Jeff holding his flag from Philip, SD - Jeff has this flag with him all the time - he carried it in his pants pocket on every jump he has made during Airborne School and the jump at Ft. Bragg before deploying. It's his good luck charm.

Jeff and the flag from Phillip SD in the hanger in Kuwait - they stayed in Kuwait for 10 hours on the trip over to Baghdad in early Dec.

Jeff is kneeling next to the hole where a mortar round impacted by their FOP gate (foreword observation point). It landed 3 feet from the actual gate - the troops were sitting in an uparmored hummer when it landed and no one was hurt.

Jeff and platoon members smoking cuban cigars that an American women gave their platoon on Christmas eve. She was going through their check point and she asked if they wanted a box of cuban cigars. They did not know who she was. Even in Iraq the Americans that are there appreciate the work of our soldiers. They are standing in their bricks (the room they sleep) - which is a bombed out palace - Jeff likes to call it his home away from home.

Jeff eating MREs after a patrol - in their room - kind of looks like his room at home (even with the guns). He mostly eats MREs because the food is so bad in the cafeteria where they have to eat - he said stale bread every day gets old.

Baghdad at night through Binoculars (courtesy of Karmen Byrd) . Jeff held the camera up to the bionics, and put the bionics up to the night vision - you can tell he is a kid of the computer age.

Photo looking down into the tunnels that Jeff's platoon finds. The next photo is of Jeff being lowered into this tunnel - this photo was shot straight down.

Jeff being lowered into one of the tunnels they found under some buildings - he is going down on the body rope we sent over for each man in his platoon.

Photo of Jeff down in the tunnel - follows it to the point where they know it's secure

Photo of Jeff taken through night vision goggles - he was up in one of their 40 foot high guard towers on the wall of the Green Zone

This is what it looks like when a mortar hits your building - a small circle in concrete

Jeff is the last man on the left - doing a foot patrol in Baghdad

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