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Leerburg Articles Fort Braggs Barrack Problems

Fort Braggs Barrack Problems

Senator Elizabeth Dole is my Hero

A lot has happened since April 23rd when I originally posted this video. Never in a million years did I think it would draw the attention it has. At 14 days out the video has been watched 400,000 times on YouTube and this web page.

When I first posted the video all I wanted was to draw the attention of a few congressmen. I just wanted these congressmen to call Ft Bragg and tell the garrison commander to clean up the barracks and when they are at it don’t make these returning soldiers do this work.

Then look what happened.

The story has been featured on 3 different CNN shows that have aired more times than I can count. NBC nightly news did a nice piece with Brian Williams and Jim Mikleshefki, CBC did a nightly news piece and flew me to New York for the CBS morning show, and I have been on a number of the local TV shows here in WI and Minnesota. I can’t even count how many radio and newspapers have interviewed me.

The Army has announced that they will now spend $250 million dollars on barracks repair and the most important development is Senator Elizabeth Dole introduced a new bill that would provide civilian contractors on every military base to take care of barracks maintenance. Senator Doles proposal is way more important than the $250,000,000 short term proposal.

Many in the media have pitched this store as "Father Vs the Army". While I am appreciative of the attention that has drawn I think the focus should be on how one person can make a difference if the cause is right – and I think Americans have stood up with me to say this cause is right.

Soldiers who return from a combat zone should not live in buildings that look like the slums of our largest cities.

Returning combat vets should also not become a source of cheap of labor for the military to use to repair 60 year old barracks. When this country is at war our soldiers should spend their time at home training for their next deployment and not painting buildings and fixing plumbing. Charlie Co is already slated to re-deploy again next summer.

Many in Charlie Company are getting out of the army, many will move on to new duty stations. These vacancies will be filled with new 18 and 19 year old paratroopers who just graduated from jump school. These young soldiers need to spend the next year training to go to war and not painting or repairing 60 year old barracks. My son painted the building in this video 3 times in the last 3 years (when he was not deployed).

Where is the sense in that?

Second platoon had 20 out of 39 men hit IED's (road side bombs) while deployed in the mountains of Afghanistan. How did painting barracks prepare these soldiers for war?

On Monday (May 5th, 2008) Senator Elizabeth Dole proposed a 1 page bill to provide funding for the army to hire civilian contractors to maintain barracks. This is called "The First Sergeants Initiative" These civilian contractors will repair plumbing, paint and do necessary carpentry work to maintain barracks on Army bases. They will do the work soldiers have done in the past.

I know of a soldier who just returned from being a front line combat platoon Sgt with three years of experience as a ranger instructor at Fort Benning Georgia who has just been put in charge of a platoon of soldiers responsible for barracks repair. MY GOD !!! WHERE IS THE SENSE IN THIS?????

This man should be training the new soldiers how to go to war. He could be training men how to stay alive when they are deployed to Iraq next summer. Unless he is being punished (and I have not idea if he is) he should not be doing barracks maintenance. Senator Doles bill will eliminate this.

I believe the reasons this story has drawn the attention it has is because of the millions of good Americans who are truly proud of our young soldiers. This has been especially pleasing for all of us who are military families. At times we have felt not enough people really cared about our soldiers.

What this has shown me is that millions of Americas agree that we owe these young men and women more dignity and respect than so many get when they return from a war zone.

The Fayetteville Observer recently reported that on March 11th 2008 (over a month before Charlie Company returned from Afghanistan) Inspectors with Womack Army Medical Center’s found barracks rooms with huge amounts of mold in the building right next to my sons barracks. Room 311 had between 110 and 120 sq feet of mold in it.

This is a shame. The fact is there are 20 of these 70 year old barracks on Fort Bragg that house between 2200 and 2500 soldiers. While this is only about 20% of the soldiers on Ft Bragg it is 2200 more soldiers rooms than we should allow.


Senator Elizabeth Dole is my Hero

Senator Elizabeth Dole is my hero. Not because of her political affiliation (she is a republican) but because she was the first politician to take up this issue for our soldiers and ask for change.

She also just sponsored a bill .2966  ( that would provide civilian contractors as painters, plumbers and carpenters to take care of barracks so our soldiers can train for war.

My sons unit redeploys to Iraq again next summer.

The fact is many soldiers in Charlie Co are moving on. Some to new duty stations, some to other jobs in the military and some retiring from the Army. Their replacement (called Cherries) are almost all 18 and 19 year old volunteers. These new paratroopers need to spend this next year training for war because no matter what happens this war will continue for a long long



Here are a few news stories about the new military program on barracks maintenance that started to come in on Monday May 5th.

If congress had provided funding for barracks I believe the Army would have built barracks. The Army in closing bases in Korea and Germany. They are bringing 44,000 soldiers home from these countries. If they have to put Charlie company in barracks like this video where will they house these 44,000 men?

And to those who don’t think America needs these soldier I suggest they read a little about radical Islam. Read Steven Coles Pulitzer prize winning book GHOST WARS.  It’s a great read. It will open your eyes.

There are so many important social concerns these day, the economy to say the least. But let us not forget that our country was built on the backs of young men and women like those who serve today. If we think the economy is bad now just stop and think what would happen if 4 or 5 of suicide bombers from Iraq or Afghanistan make it to America and blow themselves up in a school or a shopping center. Should that happen we will learn what a real economic crisis is.

My point here is that our politicians need to work with the Army to take better care of these young soldiers.  We need to make sure that they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Putting them in 60 or 70 year old barracks doesn’t cut it.

So if you want to help – keep the pressure on your congressmen. Don’t give in to congressional lip service. Watch to see of your congressmen really does work for you and our soldiers. This is not about if you support the war – it’s your chance to support our young soldiers. We live in the richest country in the world. We can afford to build a few barracks for our soldiers.

These men just gave you 15 months of their lives for us can you take 15 minutes of your time and call you Congressmen and your Senator and your local news stations? Tell them about this. Tell them what these soldiers just did for us.

Before anyone thinks that I am one of those people who dislike the army or don't approve of this war I suggest you read what I wrote a month ago. It's called "I HATE THIS WAR - my war rant"

Here is a TV spot on the barracks - Click here

To find your congressmen and senator Google:

Congressmen list

Senator list

News Links

CNN News -

CBS News -

ABC News -

Fox News -

USA Today -

Local News -

Hi Ed. We live just up the road from you, north of Wheeler WI. Our son is currently stationed in Heidelberg Germany with the 529th Military Police CO. He attended MP training at Ft Leonardwood MO and there were some serious health concerns there also, but not near as bad as shown in your photos at Ft. Bragg. There was a major black mold problem in his barrack's restrooms/showers. He said the ceilings were THICK with black mold. Our son was constantly sick with respiratory infections the whole time he was there! (I might note that he never had respiratory problems before) At the time, he felt it was due to all the black mold. Since leaving Ft. Leonardwood he has not had one respiratory infection and has been very healthy, so that pretty well shows his constant illness last year was related to the black mold in their barracks.

I found it hard to think about it while our son was there........ that he was living under such horrible conditions and that due to this he was constantly so sick. It broke my heart to think about it. Since hearing your story and the horrible conditions at Ft. Bragg it makes me sick to my stomach, and just plain MAD! These soldiers are doing something they should feel VERY proud about, but instead they are thrown into disgusting living conditions that I would not even make my dog live in! How can they feel proud and supported by the American people when they are living in worse conditions then our own animals live in?!

Thank you so much for bringing national attention to this problem and speaking for the thousands of other soldier families who feel the very same way! Let's get these heroes treated like heroes!!!!

Dolly Lee

My son also was stationed at Fort Bragg. The times I visited him we rarely went to the barracks because of the poor conditions. He was simply embarrassed. Although Eric completed his tour he did not return
with his Company. He returned home early, KIA in Bayji June 24th 2007. It saddens me knowing these

Hero's returned to such conditions. Where is the respect and the honor. I remember Eric saying several times it was going to be so great after redeployment because they where told the new barracks would be done and they would be staying in them. I thank you for your stand and your son for his service. My wife, son (US Navy, 8 yrs) and I will attend All American Week later this month. I understand now why travel and living accommodations was not provided for us and other family members of fallen Soldiers.

Again thank you

Wow!  No wonder our son did not want us to come in to the barracks!  We will certainly contact our elected officials.  As a nurse I know that black mold is one of the worst environmental hazards that a person can live with, concerning the potential for it to be aerosolized.  When this happens it is breathed into the lungs and can even go to the brain.  These conditions cannot be covered up with paint; they must be treated with processes that are used by HAZMAT.  The same is true for the lead based paint.  I pray that the right "uppers" as they have been called see this video, and do what must be done to this barracks and the others just like it...tear it/them down.  Bravo, Mr. Frawley and God bless our heroes!


Back in 2003 my sister flew out to Ft Bragg for her son's wings ceremony, she wrote the Commanding Officer complaining that there were no "*smoke alarms*" in the barracks. I teased her - "They are going to Iraq where people shoot at you! No smoke alarms? What's the big deal, sis?"

When I flew to Ft Bragg in 2004 & 2006 to welcome my nephew back from Iraq ( 2/325 82nd ) I was surprised at the rundown condition of the barracks. The ceiling tiles were falling down, paint was chipping off . I mentioned the leaking acoustic tiles to my nephew - He said it was no problem; they were going to tear these barracks down soon and move to the new brick ones being built down the street.

I was shocked when I saw the rooms that the soldiers had left were _exactly_ the same as they had left them -- They just packed up, locked the door and left. Cobwebs and dead bugs, leaking roof, water stained acoustic ceiling tiles, chipping paint, musty, dirty tiled bathrooms, a wreck.

Hopefully some of the barracks have been replaced. By now they should have all been finished.
We were glad to have them home never-the-less.

I was glad to see what you put on U-Tube. I thought these were all torn down by now and the kids would be in the new barracks down the road..........

Kaye in Oregon

I ran across a link where you had sent in a video from the Fort Bragg barracks, showing the disgusting
and unacceptable conditions that these brave bad ass young kids that we have fighting for us have to
come back to!!  I'm proud of you.  My nephew Chris Becker is also in that unit but lives in a house
off of the base and has commented about stuff like that.  It makes you wonder where the billions and billions that we as tax payers have donated to this war have gone.  Again, GOOD FOR YOU!!  Best of
luck to your son and tell him to keep his chin up!
Mike Williams
Fort Dodge, Iowa

He Ed
First off I would like to say glad you son is back safe I just saw your peace on the news about the conditions of the barracks I agree with you, thanks for speaking up I have come to notice that civilians have a voice that cant go without a response especially when the media gets involved. Its to bad it has to come to that for action to be taken.


Thank you for enlightening the Army upper echelon and our elected lawmakers about the conditions of your son's barracks at Ft Bragg.  I'm sure since your son has been on active duty in the Army,  he lived in other 35+ year old barracks- perhaps during Jump School at Ft Benning.

Our son is also on active duty in the Army.  He is now at Ft Bragg. 

At Ft Benning, when he was in Airborne training, his room didn't even have a door. There were only a couple working showers. It was built during the Korean War. The one he's in now at Ft Bragg, has a door, but no air conditioning(perhaps it's not turned on). He's supposed to move to a new barracks in about three weeks. Presently, he has to lug his dirty laundry to the Mini-Mart since the washing machines in his barracks are all broken. When he first got to Ft Bragg, he was in the POW camp barracks!! We saw them last week. I'm sure your son knows what I am referring to.They are those old WWII style, white wooden, Sgt Bilko type two story buildings. I lived in that style building in 1975 at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls for two and a half months in the summer.(I was in the Air Force for 27 1/2 years)

 I think the Army needs to inspect the facilities more often. What are the First Sergeants doing in the Army??

What are the Company and  Garrison Commanders doing while they are stateside?

The Army has First Sergeants just like the Air Force has.  In the Air Force, the main duty of the First Sergeant was to be the enlisted soldiers' advocate for their health, morale, and welfare.  I know since I had two AF positions were I worked hand and hand with the First Sergeant of the squadron.  The Army First Sergeants either must not have that term in their duty description, or they are not doing their jobs.

I plan to write to Army Secretary Pete Geren.  Despite living in Texas, I have already written to Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina.

Many thanks both to you and to your son.


My son is also with the 82nd, and lived in this set of barracks prior to deployment-maybe not the same building, but one in the same group and exactly like it. He's with the 1st brigade, which is still in Iraq.  One of my best friend's sons came back in April from Afghanistan at the same time your son did. He too, is s Sgt . but with C troop, 4-73.  She too was appalled when she saw the barracks her son was sent home too.

Our FRG assures us that when the 1st brigade gets back in July that things will be better.  I hope so.  I applaud you on your courage posting this and stirring things up. A lot of people are willing to do things anonymously- you put it right out there. Thank you for doing something we all complain about, but none of us DID anything about. 

I am the wife of Spc. XXXXXXX (of the CCo.also) and I also have been in the barracks at Ft. Bragg and I also totally agree with your statements. I too think that the barracks should be in better condition than what they are. These men and women are risking their lives for the freedom of our country and I strongly agree that they should get the best. My husband and I currently live in Military housing with our kids (off post) and I would have to say that even their housing isn't what it should be. There are many problems with the on and off post houses and that too should be fixed but I'm assuming it will just take more time before they get to it. I believe that they should either give our soldiers a percentage of BAH or at least better living conditions. I believe that less people are going to want to join the military because of the living conditions they will have to deal with so where will our country be when that becomes a problem??? If there was anything I could do to help to make things better for the soldiers I would be glad to do my part....

.thanks so much for the info......

Wife of a soldier


I agree completely – it was disgusting to see these barracks looking as bad as they did 15 months ago. I have been following the news stories. I love the army response that the reason for the conditions was that the guys came home three weeks early! What did the army and civilian staff have to do to keep busy during the other 14 months they were gone?

If they give Jeff a hard time over this I would be on Senator Dole’s doorstep raising hell.

A father of a soldier in C co

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I am glad I am not the only one who was appalled by the conditions we saw.  I could not believe it when I walked in the first full day they were home and saw the signs saying the bathrooms and laundries were not usable.  But I was even more upset when 2 days later, nothing was still working.  My son referred to it as the Hell hole he lives in - in America.  I talked to him today and he asked me if I had seen the video - it has made it to the "uppers" at the base and there was an inspection.  He said it was ugly!  I asked if they would be doing the work and he was sure they would be.

Thank you for taking a stand and yes I know they are "in the Army" but it hurt me to see them return from one hell hole to be put in another.  I believe they deserve better.  I will be forwarding this to my friends and family and to my Indiana reps.

Thank you

Mr. Frawley

I received a email from my mother about this video. She also said this video had hit the base today 4-25-2008 and wasn't well received by the higher ups.  After watching this video I am also outraged as I am sure are most of the people are that have either seen there housing or this video. My brother is in the same platoon as your son. I also was able to see his housing when he returned home. I would have to say you depicted the living conditions very well.

I hope this does get fixed soon. I did send several email's to my congressman and several national news stations

Hey Ed great job.

It is going on the air tomorrow AM KLUV radio in Dallas. Also my wife's bosses brother is the Under Secretary of defense pentagon she sent it to him.

Mr. Frawley,

My name is Andrea Gilliani and I am writing this email to you, from just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.
I am a former Marine - sixteen years worth - and a former Staff NCO that had junior Marines like your son, in my charge (only for the Marines) not the Army, although at times overseas, I also had soldiers and the like within my charge of command.

When I saw this video, I wish I could say that I was shocked - but - I can tell you that I'm NOT at all surprised by what I saw. This is not an email to say I think you are WRONG for speaking out. I think it needed to be seen and heard - without question. This situation is just WRONG all the way around.
As a former Marine, it is extremely hard for me - especially as a former female, Staff NCO to get people in higher places to listen, in spite of what I spent sixteen years doing for the military. I grew up a military service brat with two parents, both very high ranking, in two different services for our country - so I knew very early - how hard it would be - and the kind of things, I would have to sacrifice for my country, to be a Marine.

I wish I could tell you that this is the ONLY base where this is happening, but it isn't. This is typical, military wide, all over the world - and yes - it needs to change, desperately. However, I can tell you that in spite of what you're being told by your Congressional and Senatorial reps on Capitol Hill, it will probably NEVER change!

I can tell you from prime example, that if you ever get the opportunity to visit the island of O'ahu in Hawaii, you will see conditions, beyond explanation - at a base called Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Station - there. My former base and last duty station outside US CONUS. Although the military and Marine Corps have since built new living quarters for our Marines and are slowly tearing down the old ones - dating back before 1925 - on that island, the conditions there are even more deplorable than what your sons men are living in.

My Marines were living in barracks's that had been condemned by the Hawaii Dept of Health in 1979. The Department of health told the base command (at that time) that the barracks's were infected with lead paint toxic poisoning issues, seriously high levels of black mold infestation and asbestos contamination as well. They came and chained up those buildings and ordered the military not to use them - and to tear them down - and build new ones for the safety and health issues for our service members on the island there.

When the Department of Health officials left, the Commanding Staff at the base, refused to follow their directives - in spite of the health concerns - and unchained those buildings and moved our service people back into them, knowing that the Hawaiian officials had already condemned them legally on paper.

I can tell you honestly that on top of all of the issues that the Health Department had with these barracks living quarters already, we also had the same issues with plumbing, water damage, electrical wiring hazards that we were told repeatedly could cause fires in these living quarters. What's really even worse is that my troops were living in buildings that literally had survived major mortar fire and torpedo rounds, with damage still visible to this day - from the original attack on Pearl Harbor (as Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Station) was - at that time - just a military annex base - where aircraft and supplies were stored.

As a Marine (and a pretty much brand new parent) I can tell you that when I had my children, my eyes quickly opened to things that I felt were unacceptable - not only for my own children - but for the children belonging to the parents of my troops. I became highly outspoken against my chain of command - but my issues - weren't just about that, they were about military medical issues that I disagreed with (and I want you to know) as that Marine, I laid my sixteen year career (on the line) for my troops, because I felt this was no longer acceptable and I felt like the military owed our troops better than what they were getting.

I have contacted my representatives many, many, many times about these issues with the living conditions and medical issues - only to be told - "don't worry Staff Sgt, this situation will get corrected". I've heard that more times than you could possibly imagine and still to this day, I can tell you, and you can verify my story for yourself, those original living barracks's built in 1925, are still in use to this day. We have junior ranked military personnel still living in them and still getting sick because of it.
I wish I could tell you that the military cares about what you're saying - but they don't. Ask any service member - on any base - anywhere in the world and they will tell you the same thing. Troops speak out, troops get punished (and unfortunately) I can tell you, that your son is going to feel the wrath of the video that you put out there, in spite of your family being told - that he wouldn't be harmed or harassed or threatened. Trust me, he will be. The Department of Defense doesn't like parents of troops who do what you did - and they don't like even more - when their own personnel start running to CNN. I know, I'm living proof of this.

Not that long ago, March 2005 and May 2006, I became a new parent to two, beautiful, little girls that were both born, with serious medical issues - that no doctors - could explain to their father and me. We found out in 2006, that both of our daughters were infected with anthrax poisoning and smallpox poisoning and that there was a very good possibility that we had also infected our children with problems from depleted uranium exposure - for which - there is no cure, from vaccination shots - that their dad and I both took as Marines (having been told) that they were safe for us and that they couldn't do any harm to our DNA or pass to our children.

When my children became ill with both of these issues - both battling for their lives - in the beginning and surviving - by some miracle, I started talking to the parents of my troops quietly and after sixteen years of service to my country, I decided that it was time for me to walk away from the only dream I had ever wanted, because my command found out what I was doing and when I tell you that the threats (to this day) have not stopped, including from the very top - in my chain of command - in DC, they haven't. Believe me when I tell you that the threats you receive by mail and phone have just begun and it will get worse!!!!!!! As a military parent, you just committed the "ultimate sin" against the military and that is, that you spoke out, to correct a very BIG WRONG, that isn't being handled - and don't be surprised - if some of your threats and hate mail, come right from the top!!! I know, ours did!!!

If you get hate mail and threats, tape your calls and keep your mail. The Department of Defense will lie through their teeth about anything they send and anything they say - so keep your letters and postcards and emails and anything else you may get because you'll need them later on when your son is hearing it all the way around. This is typical "military politics" at its finest. I don't care what the officials tell you. Don't believe it until you see it in front of you, because otherwise it's just a smoke screen.

I didn't plan on this email being this long, but, I want to send you some things that I think will be of interest to you - as a military parent, that I think you have a right to know about (and I'm sure they will make you angry enough) to start a war with the military, because these are issues - that you will have to deal with - and probably in the near future, rather than down the road, as many of us, already are coping with. I hope you will find them useful pieces of ammo against the military and that you will continue to speak out for your son and his men. God knows, we're in your corner and we support you and we will guard your back with our lives if necessary.


Former Marine Claims Illness From Mystery Vaccine - Target 5 News Story - WLWT

A CALL TO ARMS/ANTHRAX VACCINE geeklog anthrax - no toxic toyland

American Gulf War Veterans Association

There is also another place that you can get some more information - as to these issues, if you're curious enough to hear and see the truth. There is a web sight out there on the net called: Open up the web sight and call the phone number on it - and tell them - that your son is current active duty Army and they will send you their video for free. As a military parent, if all of these issues haven't already left you fuming, when you see these videos, you will be angrier than you ever thought was possible - but when you watch them - remember that I am just one of those families (of now close to four million families) coping with these issues, everyday - with no assistance from Veterans Administration or the military support for compensatory damages - and this started - back in 1988, when the military started forcing these vaccinations, down our throats, lying all the time to us, about their safety.

As a former Marine, the wife of a Marine and the sister of 13 military siblings - from all different branches of service, I want you to know that all of us, are so appreciative of what you are doing and we support you one thousand percent. This needs to change - and the only way it can - are with people like you, so, keep screaming, the public is listening!!!!! As a Marine, I want you to know, that if there is ANYTHING I can do to help get this out there to my troops and troops alike everywhere, I will help any way I can!

In closing, I would like to thank you, for providing our country with such a great young man. He sounds like a fabulous soldier and I'm sure he's probably a Top Notch Soldier as well. Thank you for sacrificing your lives as his parents and for teaching him that there is something bigger in this world, than just himself. It is my honor to help him - and his men - any way I can.

Staff Sgt. Andrea A. Gilliani - Pierce (USMC RET)

Mr. Frawley,

I asked your son to tell you, but then found your email address. Thank you very much for showing the public what the paratroopers have been living in for years. I used to live in some barracks that were exactly like that when I was in the 82nd Signal Bn, before I went to the 505th. So thank you for what you've done.

Very Respectfully,


I worked for the Colorado Dept of Correction and Inmates would never be able to live half this bad.


What really makes me mad is those that know the conditions of the builds and yet turn a blind eye, like everything is just great. Don’t matter if the men are living in a pig sty as long as their little Johnny can call home or visit periodically. Out of sight…out of mind scenario.

I suppose before our men get out that they will remember some of us and that those brave young men aren’t society’s rejects and should be treated with the upmost respect.


The brigade commander is walking through the barracks today, and all of our returning soldiers who were supposed to get a 4day weekend will now be working to clean and repair the barracks as best they can. No one approves of the condition of the barracks, but the manner that you have chosen to bring attention to it in hopes of rectifying the problem was extreme.

 I've been to the barracks on several occasions, so I'm aware of how the guys live. I understand that you are angry, and doing what you think is best. I will pass along your apologies to the soldiers who will bear the  undue burden of trying to better the living condition in the barracks.

I will also find out if I can go in with them so that I can try and spend time with my husband who has just returned from a 15 month deployment in afghanistan, and went through the same hardships that your son has.

Ed's comment:

While I can appreciate your concerns it does seem that your worries have turned out not to be the case. The guys have a 4 day weekend and it seems only guys "on report" are painting.

I also believe if your husband lived in the barracks you may look at this a little differently.

Enjoy your weekend. It’s nice that the guys are back. It’s just too bad they were put in such crummy barracks.

Hi Ed - I too, was horrified by the barracks. My brother wasn't able to make it back with the rest of the group - so I had a lot of free time to tour the base. I wandered in the barracks one day and thought that it was just nasty because men lived there.

I kept telling my cousin not to touch anything because it was so dirty and run down. I only made it to the common room and the hall and a room or two, but was disgusted by it. I have passed your video on to my Senator - John Kerry. I might even send it along to Teddy Kennedy too. (Though - he is usually too busy with one cover up or another. haha.) I also think it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to contact Extreme Makeover, Home edition...they might actually be the way to go, and they get the job done fast. Great job with the initiative. Hope you are successful in your goal.

Thanks for writing VFW magazine. I have reviewed the link you sent and forwarded it to our National Security and Foreign Affairs director in the Washington office of VFW. I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.

Jaime Netzer
editorial associate
VFW magazine


I have sent the web address to several Senators and Governor of Texas. The guy we know at the pentagon was elected by Bush and knows the family.. Patti suggest to send to the President, hope he does.. 

After viewing that video, I was livid.  I have contacted both North Carolina and New York Senators & Congressmen and NC house of Representative.  I have emailed both TV stations your letter and video.  I feel that the public should be made aware of what is going on. 

If you will watch the video below, you will see the 82nd Airborne being disgraced. There's probably better housing at Gitmo.
This "housing" assignment doesn't do much for the Airborne Legacy.
Please do something about this to see that our Paratroops are treated with the respect and honor they won.
Tom Laney, Editor
Badger Airborne News
Badger State Chapter


Will you do something about the disgrace shown in the video below?

Our Paratroopers have earned the right to be respected and treated fairly by every American.

It is a national disgrace that our heroes from the 82nd Airborne Division - or any other unit - should be assigned to housing we would not approve for the homeless. Or POW's for that matter!

We will be following this up in our next newsletter.

Thanks in advance!

Tom Laney, Editor
Badger Airborne News
Badger State Chapter
82nd Airborne Division Assoc.


This is bull shit.  I am sending this to my sheriff, he will be our next congressman.
I am sending this to our current congresswoman, a air force academy graduate running for senate.

Thanks, Ed. This is appalling. I forwarded your message to our DC office. Take care and we will be in touch…

Mark Aumann - Congressman Ron Kinds Office

Hi Mary: Thank you for sending this. We'll be letting Sen. Alexander know how we feel about this. I'm only happy that my stepfather Howard isn't alive to see this. He was proud of being in the 82nd during WWII and would be very upset indeed to see how his "boys" are being treated today.

Thanks for sharing this.  I will share it with Senators Murray and Cantwell.  Both have been active on issues pertaining to active and retired military. I’ll also share it with Jay Inslee who is the U.S. Representative for my district.  He too has supported efforts supportive of the troops and retired veterans.  

Elected officials tend to be more responsive if the issue impacts a voter or group of voters in their district. Is your nephew a Washington state resident?  Are any of the troops in his unit Washington State residents ? If the answer is YES on either count it might add some weight to my message to Murray, Cantwell & Inslee if I can provide the names, ranks and name of the city or town they call home.

I’ll hold off sending my thoughts to Murray, Cantwell and Inslee until I hear back from you.

Already dropped a note on the Sean Hannity web site.  This seems right up his alley -- he's always been a strong supporter of the troops.

I'll drop some things to the local media too.  I've learned they tend to think in bullet points so I need to create a few from the video.

Are any of the guys in Jeff's unit from NE Ohio?   Local media are always looking for the local angle.



I sent it to Senator Norm Coleman's office


Doesn't the army realize how dangerous those molds can be???? You can't just paint over them......
emails, letters, faxes and phone calls....this has GOT to change!!

I am just about to respond to my Senator's annual fund raising dinner....I think I will add my letter with the check and I will be making a phone call as well. Dang this is sad.

The Army - the newest slum lords?

I sent an email to Bill O'Reilly. Perhaps he'll cover this situation on his TV or radio talk show.

Will also contact my Congressmen and Senators. I know some of them have visited Guantanamo Bay, where terrorists are housed. If they can do that, we can tolerate no excuse for them not to respond to this, the treatment of our own men.

What other organizations can we contact? I'm wondering if the Red Cross would be of any help. They always seem to be checking out Guantanamo Bay as well as the US ironic and somewhat twisted if they can't help.

This is crazy. No amount of money would reimburse them for living in that crap.... literally.

Imagine coming back from Afghanistan, walking into that and thinking, "geeez. I think I was better off on deployment."

What were the pictures of the building being constructed? Was that the promised, but never finished barracks? And is the construction ongoing?

I emailed the url on Ed's web page to my senator (McConnell in KY and he is also in the Armed Services something or other) and Hal Roger Congressman. I copied and pasted the url but it didn't come out in a different color or anything. If I did it wrong or if there is a better way, someone let me know.


Inexcusable. I will be contacting my elected officials.

This is not the heroes return they deserve. I will be sending letters out today to my elected officials and those of North Carolina's as well.

To contact your state's senators or congressmen...

I have a friend who is now an active reporter and was also in the army during Desert Storm. I've just sent this to him and I will be contacting my officials as well. I will also pass this along to everyone in my e-mail list. Unbelievable.

To say this is a national disgrace is an understatement!!

Much as I expect our elected officials to respond to these kinds of issues, nothing gets them off their butts like a little heat from the media, and this is the type of story the media can really spotlight. I've forwarded it to several local talk radio hosts in the military-friendly San Diego area.

Ed --
Thanks for producing the video about the Army barracks. I could tell you were barely containing your anger.

It looks like things have gone downhill since I was in the Army in the 1960s. We had barracks made of wood, but they were kept up. Someone's asleep at the wheel at Bragg. There's no excuse. You performed a public service by posting the videos. The Army will give you a medal but forget about a bathroom. Thanks again.  

Bil Paul
Political/civic columnist, San Mateo (CA) Daily News


Been reading about you on CNN today.  Good for you, I admire what you did.  You’ve got big brass ones, I’ll give you that! 

Twenty five yrs ago I spent some time on USS Kitty Hawk and we had some very similar conditions.  You could always tell who had just taken a dump because the bottoms of their pant legs would be all wet after sitting on the throne with 2 or 3 inches of nasty water sloshing around on the deck.  Sometimes, the jet fuel would get mixed in with the water supply and you’d come out of the shower all slimy, smelling like jp-3.  I’m pretty sure back then if my father had done what you did I would have been transferred to a weather station in Adak.  Hopefully, times have changed.  I think they have.

Good luck to you and your son.

Phil Thaler


I have bought many things from you in the past. After watching your video about Fort Bragg I want you to know I called BOTH Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry and told them how PISSED off I am!!! I am working on my State Reps. now!!! Keep up the fight and thank your son for his service!!

John Horan

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