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The best source for dog training news, tricks and treats, right from world class leaders in dog training.

The best source for dog training news, tricks and treats, right from world class leaders in dog training.

Our New Training Project – Hiking with Your Dog

Yesterday, Ryan Maciej and I finished the filming for our new on-line course (and DVD) on ‘Hiking with Your Dog’. This has been a fun project to work on.  Cindy hikes 2 to 6 miles with her dog’s every day. In fact she left at 6 AM this morning to hike with one of our good friends.

Our approach was to produce a video that will help not only new dog owners but also to those who have owned and lived with dogs for years.  Just a few of the topics:

1- The right and wrong equipment for your hike

2- We showed how we have several different vehicles set up

3- We explained how to pick the right place to hike with your dog.

4- We explained how to approach hiking with special needs dogs: geriatric dogs, puppies,  reactive dogs and fearful dogs

5- We explain what we mean by being prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

6- We cover what to do when you meet other hikers who want to interact with your dog ( Can I pet Your Dog?), what to do when you meet other hikers with on leash dogs, what to do when you meet hikers with off-leash dogs, and what to do if you meet unaccompanied off-leash dogs. We also cover meeting bikers and people on horses.

7- We included a section on meeting predators and prey on a hike. Down in Arizona we encounter wild pigs, coyotes, snakes, bob cats and rabbit’s and deer.

8- We have a segment on how and when to walk multiple dogs, how to break up a dog fight and when and where to consider hiking off-leash.

Over all this was a fun video to work on. We filmed the video in state  and national parks and urban parks which have the possibility of being very busy.

Ryan will start editing the video in a week (after we finish filming another project). We hope to have the on-line course done first which will then follow with the DVD. We will announce the finished products in our weekly newsletter.


  1. Avatar
    judith markham
    April 24, 2017

    i’m very interested and excited about this video. judith

  2. Ed Frawley
    Ed Frawley
    April 25, 2017


    This is going to be a great video. There is so much more that goes into hiking with our dogs than the average person thinks about. We want a hiking to be enjoyable and good exercise for both the handler and the dog. With a little forethought and training this can happen.

    We will announce the release in our newsletter.


  3. Avatar
    April 25, 2017


    So excited that you all are filming this! We hike regularly with our 8 month old lab, and have found out the hard way about the distractions and dangers that other people and dogs can represent. Especially when we are using the hike to practice certain behaviors. Can’t wait for the DVD!

    • Ed Frawley
      Ed Frawley
      April 25, 2017


      Ryan Maciej and I finished filming this week. We will put th information into a on-line course and then get the DVD out. Because of the nature of who much information can go onto a DVD disk (which is limited and difficult to review) we will put more examples into the on-line course. Then trim that down to fit onto a disk.

      This wont be an expensive DVD – we think its important to pass on our experiences and let people learn from our mistakes 🙂


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