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The best source for dog training news, tricks and treats, right from world class leaders in dog training.

The best source for dog training news, tricks and treats, right from world class leaders in dog training.


This is about the fraudulent representation of K-9 instructors which has reached epidemic proportions within the K-9 industry! So, everyone knows that the governments have $$$. Simple, sell to the government and you charge more, make , more and further your business. But, in the police canine training business, which is totally unregulated, and completely buyer beware environment we have an exceptional level of fraudulent representation of credentials, experience, and expertise. It is at epidemic levels today!!

Anyone can advertise on the internet. There are essentially no restrictions. In such an environment we have propagated everything from the flat out their who sells a “police dog” online with nothing to support that statement and takes the money and runs with it, to the unqualified, well meaning dog trainer hoping to train police dogs/handlers and learn along the way, or just give em some simple dog training information, pat them on the ass as they go out the door, and well, hope they make a headline so they can sell more dogs.

Many have well done web sites that contain acronyms to impress. You will see a strong sprinkling of NAPWDA, NNDDA, IWPDA,NPA, PsP,and KNPV, USCA, and who knows how many other organizations acronyms and logos throughout their advertising. Yet, a large portion of these charletons are not members let alone carry credentials from these organizations. Often, the owners/trainers from these training facilities have a small amount of sport training under their belt, or a loose association with someone who has a minimum of credentials.

Buyer beware! In the police business the chain of certification is everything! Experience in training, educating, and experiencing the field of endeavor is of paramount importance. There is absolutely no substitute for experience in the field, experience, in training, experience in the courts, experience in teaching. None!

Yet do a google search and you will see a multitude of people hocking training for law enforcement canines. Everywhere!

So, what to do?

Research: That is the answer. Anyone can write a resume or an advertisement, few can support it in the field of police canine and police canine handler training. You are looking for a professional law enforcement instructor who specializes in police dogs. NOT A DOG TRAINER. Dog trainers exist everywhere and as biting dog sports splinter and proliferate their hangers on want to make $$ from it, yet the sports continue to drift far away from police dog work and there isn’t a single grain of police work to be had within dog sports. NOT ONE BIT!

Police Instructors stand out when you know what to look for. They will be versed and hold credentials in police dog specialties such as patrol, SWAT, detection of narcotics, human remains, and explosives. They will hold credentials for national or state organizations that declare their competence. Often they will be Use of Force Instructors and Defensive Tactics/Combative Instructors. Less Lethal Instructors abound in the K-9 Community. They all should have worked as Field Training Officers/Deputies within their experiences. Basic Police Instructor Certifications are part and parcel of the police instruction among the professional police community.

Now, who cares where you buy your dog from, it really doesn’t matter as long as it has the drives and character traits to do the job. Law enforcement relies on the civilian breeding community to create these animals. I have the utmost respect for these people and the sport trainers who develop them! Without them our industry would be bereft of quality animals and foundations. It is not these people i speak of. Many of these folks are my friends and even business associates. Without them we have nothing.

In addition I want to point out that I have probably learned more about DOG TRAINING from civilians than I ever have from LEO’s. But there are critical differences I have learned from LEO’s in police canine work from sport practitioners. I do believe that civilians have a role in the industry. But it is not in the arena of K-9 Handler instruction and basic K-9 Training!!

So, when seeking instruction, seek a pro in your field, not a wanna be in another field of endeavor. Don’t place your handler at risk for what your instructor doesn’t know!


  1. Avatar
    John Sainz
    October 15, 2018

    Well said.

  2. Avatar
    Kevin Sheldahl
    October 27, 2018

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