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The best source for dog training news, tricks and treats, right from world class leaders in dog training.

The best source for dog training news, tricks and treats, right from world class leaders in dog training.

The media and police dog bites.

Recently, among my peers and among the public, several police dog captures have been aired on TV and on social media and news outlets. It is a trend that needs to be addressed.

I guess I could just refer to the old saying that everyone likes sausage but no one want s to see the way its made. But, that over simplifies the issues. I look at these each time these crop up on TV, news, or social media. I am am as hungry for this crap as the next person, even after seeing more than 100 physical apprehensions in my career, I still want to see!. So I get it. But, one needs to look at these with a very critical eye. The critiques must include, what happened that culminated in the event we see? What is the perspective of the Officers on the scene?, what was the crime the perpetrator was involved in?. In addition there are dog people…IPO/IGP, Ringers, PSA types who chime in on these videos about the dog, the training, the handling etc. Maybe these irritate me more than even the libtard, don’t let a dog bite, he’s a human!, least amount of force, can’t you just talk to him, bunch of idiots. I get that, sheltered, soft, rose colored glasses types I kinda understand.
The internet lawyers and the internet trainers, I do not. In fact they piss me off with their lack of depth and knowledge.  They use it as a platform to advertise their prowess in dog training, even though they haven’t ever trained a dog to do the work, placed it on the road, and tested it, matured with it, and gained success with it.  But, you know what really gets me!

The lack of professional language by many of the handlers!  Now, I don’t blame the handlers, I blame their law enforcement instructors.  Good boy!…Get em Fido, hold him Rambo, good boy!  This is dog training language, not professional law officer language.  Folks, it isn’t good your dog needed to bite someone who is actively resisting and posing a threat, and committed a violent crime.  It is a service, a duty, a need and demands professional actions including language.  So, what should it sound like?  How about something along the lines of Sheriff’s or Police Department!  Stop fighting, stop resisting, show me your hands and I will get the dog?  Or, Police, get on the ground and show me your hands??  We are obligated to get this over with as quickly as possible.  We need to instruct the perpetrator in how he/she can resolve this issue as fast as possible.  Yes, some continue to fight/resist and that brings in a whole set of other issues and other elements involving use of force.

The advent of video in phones, lapel cameras, dash cameras, security cameras will expose anything less than absolute professionalism in all aspects of law enforcement, including and especially with the deployment of police dogs and capture of fugitives using their special and amazing skills.

Let’s keep it professional guys/gals!  Don’t give the far left ammunition to further erode our credibility with the public!  End of rant!


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    August 31, 2019

    sounds good!

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