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Leerburg Pedigree Bravo Ennazus

Bravo Ennazus

Bravo Ennazus

A littermate of Bravo Qualified for the 1996 German Bundessieger Prufung
A working police service dog - Level II Tracking and bite certified

                   Irus v Flotzbachtal
             Gildo vom KorbelbachI
                   Umsa vom Bungalow
       Queck von der Krotteeck Sch III
                   Uran vom Kirschental (Littermate to Uwe Kirschental)
             Vroni von der Krotteeck
                   Cora vom Helgenweg
   Bravo ENNAZUS  - OFA Good -  hips & Elbows
                             Vanco vom Alexyrvo Hof Sch III
                   Bert vom Schloss Landestrost Sch III
                             Aischa vom Schloss Landestrost Sch I
             Urs aus der Hopfenstrasse Sch III
                             Bodo vom Haus Fussler Sch III
                   Kora aus der Hopfenstrasse Sch I
                             Sonne aus dem Schwarzen Zwinger Sch I
       Tacky de Brucelee Sch III IPO III
                             Anderl vom Kleinen Pfahl Sch III
                   Enno vom Beilstein Sch III
                             Barbel v.d. Bersdorfer Flur Sch I
             Hibar's Osaka Sch I
                             Wicko vom Meran Sch III
                   Kessi vom Haus Hollstein (Ger) TD F CH
                             Gina vom Dreibirkenhain Sch I 

Bravo is a super young male. He is a dark black sable out of Queck. He has Quecks hardness, fight drive and tenacity. He is my police dog that I use on my sheriff department. He is trained in the RCMP style of tracking and has had several excellent finds in the first few months that he was used. He recently followed a 1 1/2 mile track that was 2 hours old in a 25 to 30 MPH wind to capture 3 car theives.

Bravo's sire (Queck) was in the Sch USA nationals 4 times. He was an exceptionally hard dog. In the last 2 years of his career had problems with the out. He was a difficult dog to handel. The dog was a black black sable dog. In addition to being very hard dog with a ton of fight drive, he had an intense prey drive.

Bravo's mother (Tacky) was a top schutzhund competition dog in Canada. She went to Europe and competed in the European Championships and took 10 place in the world. This is outstanding for a female. Tacky's sire (Urs ) was a very very hard handler agressive dog. He competed in the Bundessieger in 1985. Enno Beilstein produced a number of outstanding working dogs.

I own Bravo's sister and use her for breeding program. She is OFA Good. I consider her one of my better brood bitches. She has produced a litter with Orfey and Chucho.

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