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Leerburg Fire Base Bruin - 2007 - Afghanistan

Fire Base Bruin - 2007 - Afghanistan

Fire Base Bruin - 2007 - Afghanistan

My son is a Paratrooper. He is a Sgt in 2nd platoon, Charlie Co, 2/508 of the 82nd Airborne. He is in the middle of his second deployment on the war on terror. In Feb of 2007 his unit was deployed to Afghanistan for 15 to 18 months..

Second platoon spent a number of months at a very remote platoon size firebase call Bruin. Jeff's platoon was at Bruins along with a platoon of artillery also from the 82nd. While there they produced this short video. I have taken the liberty of adding a few comments to the video and touching up the audio in places.

To say that the living conditions sucked would be an understatement. They were at Bruin in late Feb., March and April. During this time they never had hot water - when they got to Bruin Jeff went for a month without a shower. They had no hot food - just MRE's.

Firebase Bruin no longer exists. Shortly after 2nd platoon left it was dismantled.

Jeff is currently stationed at a different platoon size firebase in the mountains (at 8,000 feet) right on the Pakistan border. I will not mention the name of the new firebase.

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