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Leerburg The Bundessieger Prufung

The Bundessieger Prufung

The Bundessieger Prufung

The German Schutzhund Championship

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I have a lot of people ask me three questions: What is schutzhund? What is the SV Bundessieger? and What is the difference between the SV Bundessieger and the SV Sieger show?

Schutzhund is a dog sport that originated in Germany. Its purpose was to measure the working ability of a dog so that information could be used in a breeding program. In Schutzhund, dogs compete in three areas on the same day; obedience, tracking and controlled protection work. They are scored in each phase and receive schutzhund titles if their score is high enough. This sport is like a decathlon for dogs. It is very demanding for both dogs and handlers.

The initials "SV" stand for the German Shepherd Dog Club of West Germany. The SV Bundessieger is the national schutzhund competition for the German Shepherd Dog Club of West Germany. It takes place once a year. This competition is kind of like the World Series of schutzhund.

The SV Sieger show is not a schutzhund competition. It is a conformation or beauty show. If your only interest is schutzhund - you do not want the Sieger show videos. These videos are edited to show the obedience and protection of the top dogs. The narration is limited to explaining who you are watching, what the dogs scores are.

Bundessieger Shows

1995 Bundessieger Show

1994 Bundessieger Show

1993 Bundessieger Show

1989 Bundessieger Show

1988 DDR Bundessieger Prufung

1986 Bundessieger Show

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