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AKC and DNA Board Approved FUS DNA Program

This week I received an email complaining about the following article. The AKC is going to require DNA testing of frequently used stud dogs. In my opinion this is a good rule. If anyone breeds a dog more than six times in one year, he should not mind spending $40.00 to verify that he is indeed using the male he claims to be using.

It kind of amazes me that the AKC can be so proactive in this matter and yet be so unconcerned about not requiring dogs to have certified x-rayed hips before they are bred. Who knows, maybe they are going to raise their ethical head.

At its January 10th meeting, the Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club approved a Frequently Used Sire (FUS) DNA program, prior to registration of the next litter, for those sires with six or more registered litters and those sires producing three or more litters in a calendar year. Effective for litters whelped on or after July 1, 2000, the program requires stud dog owners of these dogs to submit their dog's DNA with the AKC. Owners should get the DNA Test Kit from AKC Fulfillment Department, 5580 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC 27606 and return the dog's cheek swab DNA sample with the accompanying, required paperwork and the payment of a $40 processing fee to AKC's DNA Operations in Raleigh. The sire's DNA will then become a permanent part of his AKC records.

Any stud dog whose DNA has already been collected through AKC's Voluntary Certification Program or the Parent Club Program does not need to be redone as his DNA is already on file and the requirement will be considered as having been satisfied.

Every "DNA Certification" is valid for the lifetime and beyond of the sire.

The discipline policies of the Compliance Audit Program will also be applied to this program. Any litter found to be excluded from 7/1/2000 forward based on DNA testing can either be corrected or, if not corrected, will be cancelled. Owners of stud dogs who signed the litter application attesting as to the sire of the litter may be subject to suspension of all AKC privileges if two or more litter applications are submitted to AKC within a three-year time period certifying the incorrect sire.

Every stud dog that falls in the above parameters must have his "DNA Certification" on file with the AKC prior to the registration of its seventh or higher litter or his fourth or more litter within a calendar year.

Any excess funds accumulated as the result of the FUS program will be set aside and used to fund a future registration integrity programs.

Stud dog owners with any questions about this program may send an email to

If you would like to learn more about DNA and the AKC click here.

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