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Leerburg Dogs and Kids

Leerburg Dogs and Kids

28 Years of History on My Dogs and Kids
The photos on this page pretty much say it all about what we expect from our dogs and how they get along with children. To me a dog that is raised in a family needs to be 100% safe with children.

Sheba and Eric
The photo of Sheba and Eric (my son) was taken in 1979.

Eric and Casper
The photo was of my son Eric and Casper when Eric was 4 years old. Casper was rescued from a dog pound in Germany. He was a great dog that eventually was titled to Sch I, CDX and TD.

kid and pup
This is a photo of my brother Tim's son and a pup he raised from our breeding program.

Jeff and dogs
This is a photo of Jeffrey (my son) on the first day of school in 1993. The dogs are Natan Buscker Schloss Sch III and our retired import brood bitch Lynn.

dog and kid in crate
A photo I thought was cute.


Just a note to let you know how Blitzed (Orion v. Leerburg, born first week of August 1996 to Holly & Chucho) is faring.

It took Steve ten years to convince me that I could trust a German Shepherd with my children (actually, he didn't convince me: your web site did). When we brought Blitzen home during the first week of October 1996, he joined a family with small children, aged 7, 5, 3 and 1. I was certain we would run into some problems with the puppy accidentally biting too hard, regardless of breed. I KNEW we'd have problems with Blitzen, considering his father's skills in that arena. Amazingly, we didn't have any problems- oh, he definitely was "mouthy", but he seemed to instinctively know how much was too much, even with those razor-sharp baby teeth.

Blitzen is a wonderful family dog. He has never, in any way at any time, threatened or even warned the children. He is unbelievably tolerant of some of the most obnoxious behavior from these kids. He seems to understand that these are children and doesn't react as one would expect, were he to receive the same treatment from an adult. He is absolutely reliable with guests, friendly, not at all nervous or unnecessarily protective. He is beautiful, a rich red with a lot of dark hair throughout.

He is very affectionate, and we have had no problems with the fact that our 7 years old "mutt," who is the same size as Blitzen is also a male (and unneutered). He is bonded to us all, but I must confess that my husband Steve is far and away the favorite.

An interesting note: I thought that this dog was so well socialized that we may have cleared any protective drive out of him. Then, when my husband was out of town, we heard noise from back in the woods (we live out in the country). Blitzen transformed! Deep, gutteral growls came from his throat - somethings I'd never heard before - and he got real serious. I opened the back door to listen better, and he went off after the source, offering very unnerving warning barks. The offenders left promptly, and Blitzen returned with his tail wagging, as proud as could be. Now, whenever Steve is gone, he plants himself at the top of the stairs - you'd have to get past him to get near the family- and growls sternly periodically. I sleep like a baby.

We love this dog and will someday add another Leerburg dog to our family. (Just for your records, we had his hips checked by a veterinary osteopath in Appleton. He has very, very slight dysplasia: the doctor doesn't believe it will ever affect Blitzen's health, but, of course, he shouldn't reproduce).

We'd love to bring him over to see you sometime when we're visiting family in Eau Claire.


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