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Leerburg Articles Dominance & Aggression Directory of Information for Dominant Dogs

Directory of Information for Dominant Dogs

Directory of Information for Dominant Dogs

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I am providing this page to help new visitors to my website find where to go to learn more about dominant dogs.

Our website is over 5,000 pages and has a list of over 300 training articles. The article page can be found at

Our web discussion board has over 95,000 posts in its archives and can be a great source of information. I have created a web page to teach people how to search the archives to find information. (click here to learn more.)

I recently produced a 3 1/2 hr DVD on DEALING WITH DOMINANT AND AGGRESSIVE DOGS.

DVDs that help solve Dominance and Aggression in Dogs

Basic Dog Obedience

Dealing with Dominance and Aggression Problems in Dogs

E-collar Training for the Pet Owner

Our Leerburg Dog Training Articles:

I have written the following articles and included the links to help people navigate and find the information they need. The articles and the Question and Answer categories will help you with any problems you have with a dominant or aggressive dog.


Dealing with the Dominant Dog

Groundwork for Becoming Pack Leader

How to Deal with an Overly Aggressive Dog

Dog Parks

How to Break up a Dog Fight


The Question and Answer page can be found at

Some categories include:

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