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Leerburg Articles A List of Drives in Protection Work

A List of Drives in Protection Work

A List of Drives in Protection Work

Written by Ed Frawley

DRIVES - Subconscious impulses to react to stimuli.
TEMPERAMENT - Attitude towards life.
COURAGE - Absence of fear towards objects or situations.
HARDNESS - Resiliency toward unpleasant experiences.
SOFTNESS - Remembering unpleasant experiences.
SHARPNESS - Tendency to react aggressively to stimuli.
SENSORY THRESHOLD - High / Low Amount of stimulus to obtain a reaction.
HUNT DRIVE - To pursue objects. ( out of sight, etc.)
TRACKING DRIVE - To follow ground disturbance odors, (animal or human tracks)
AIR SCENT DRIVE - To follow wind born scents.
RETRIEVE DRIVE - Drive to bring back prey(objects)to handler. (pack leader)
PREY DRIVE - Drive to bite and kill prey. (refusal to release when playing tug of war, or when sleeve happy)
FIGHT DRIVE - Drive to measure physical prowess with rivals. (same as rowdy human)
GUARD DRIVE - Drive to warn intruders by barking, growling, or biting to stay out of territory. ( yard or patrol car, in lay terms, defense)
PROTECTION DRIVE - Drive to defend the pack. ( family or handler)
RANK DRIVE - To achieve higher rank in the pack. ( biting or growling at handler while under stress. )
TRAINABILITY - Drive to please the desires of the pack leader.
SURVIVAL / FLIGHT DRIVE - Drive to flee from real or imagined danger.
HOMING DRIVE - Drive to return to territory, or pack. ( handler)
PLAY DRIVE - Drive for physical contact with pack members.
ACTIVITY DRIVE - Drive to move and act. ( digging, chewing, running fence, etc.)
PACK DRIVE - Drive for emotional contact with pack members.

Voice Tones
COMMAND TONE - (Assertive)
CORRECTIVE TONE - ( Harsh and Guttural)
PERMISSIVE TONE - (High / Low tone, ex. FES--gift)
PRAISE TONE - ( High happy tones)
AGITATIVE TONE - ( Low and suspicious, ex. pas--auf)

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