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Rubble Pile

Rubble Pile

Copyright 1998

Element 5 - Rubble Pile

In order to proceed to Element 5, the team must have passed Elements 1 through 4.

Handler Information:

The handler will remove the dog's collar and leash.

There shall be five (5) minutes for the briefing/interviewing process.

The team shall be allowed (10) ten minutes to search the rubble for one victim. The handler must inform the evaluators of the search plan. The handler may not access the rubble pile in any areas identified as inaccessible. The handler shall direct the dog to search all areas.

The handler may direct the dog to search but should not encourage the dog's alert. The handler, upon hearing the dog bark, shall notify the evaluator of the alert. The evaluator will instruct the handler to go to the dog. The handler may now verbally praise and encourage the dog. The handler will have 15 seconds after access to pinpoint the alert or must leave the pile and restart the dog. The dog will not be allowed access to the victim.

To pass the exercise, the dog must score a "3" or more on the each of the required skills. If only one of the three evaluators gives a failing score on the required skills, the three evaluators must reach a consensus.

The victim will be in place at least 20 minutes before the dog is sent.

Course Construction:

There should be a new, unused hiding hole created for the evaluation. It should be created in an inaccessible area that is out of the handler's sight. The evaluators must have a clear view of the dog's work.

The rubble site shall have a minimum average height of 10 feet and be approximately 2000 square feet in area (40 ft. X 50 ft.). It should consist predominantly of concrete or a mixture of materials common to disaster sites.


The rubble search demonstrates the ability of the team to integrate all the previously evaluated elements, in a more realistic, non-sterile environment, into an effective search tool. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA AND SCORE SHEET GUIDELINES The following list of key skills as well as other skills and attributes shall be considered by the evaluators in determining the score for each of the elements.


Down and removal non-aggressive to strangers/evaluators.

(0 - 2) Aggressive

( 3 ) Accompanies stranger

(4 - 6) Enthusiastically accompanies stranger

Non-aggressive to dog on Figure 8 pattern

(0 - 2) Dog is aggressive

( 3 ) Non-aggressive

(4 - 6) Not distracted

Heels correctly through crowd, with turns and change of pace

(0 - 2) Doesn't heel, distracted by crowd

( 3 ) Stays at heel

(4 - 6) Ignores surroundings

Drops on recall

(0 - 2) Doesn't drop

( 3 ) Drops within 15 feet of designated area

(4 - 6) Drops immediately

Stays on Long Down for five (5) minutes

(0 - 2) Doesn't stay within the dog's body length

( 3 ) Stays within the dog's body length

(4 - 6) Doesn't move

Bark Alert:

Barks and stays focused for thirty (30) seconds

(0 - 2) Doesn't bark and doesn't stay focused for 30 seconds

( 3 ) Has a focused bark for 30 seconds

(4 - 6) More intensity, good penetration, no reference to handler

Stays at hole after indication of scent

(0 - 2) Leaves after indications

( 3 ) Stays after indication

(4 - 6) No reference to handler

Handler does not talk to dog after indication of scent

(0 - 2) Handler talks after indication

( 3 ) Handler does not talk after indication

(4 - 6) Handler does not talk at all

* Team completes exercise in 5 minutes o (0 - 2) Takes more than 5 minutes. o ( 3 ) Takes 5 minutes. o (4 - 6) Takes less than 5 minutes. * Dog works with intensity o (0 - 2) Is badly distracted by the environment. o ( 3 ) Is focused on the job. o (4 - 6) Not distracted at all by the environment. * Dog tries to penetrate/dig o (0 - 2) No pawing. o ( 3 ) Scratching or digging. o (4 - 6) Tries to penetrate to victim.

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