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Leerburg Training Gear Leashes Super Gripper Leash

Super Gripper Leash

Super Gripper Leash
Super Gripper Leash
Super Gripper Leash

Sorry, the gripper leashes are no longer available.
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Both of these leashes are very lightweight and strong. They have strips of rubber sewn into the material that makes up the leash. The 4 ft gripper leash has an o-ring at the end of the leash which the 6 ft does not.

Just wanted to pass on that your 4-ft "Gripper" leash is the ideal SAR leash for area scenting dogs. It works in all weather conditions and can be carried clipped across the handler's torso for easy access in the field. It's tough as nails - much better for extrenme or wet weather than a leather or plain nylon lead. Also, it's very lightweight for those of us who have to carry a lot of equipment out into the field - not another burden.


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