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Leerburg Ecollars Hawx Ecollar Dog & Gun™ Pro Series Collar with Remote Button

Hawx Dog & Gun™ Ecollar Pro Series Collar with Remote Button

Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar
Hawx Ecollar

Product #HAWX
Sorry, the Hawx ecollar is no longer available.
Please see our full list of ecollars for a current selection.

Hawx Control at your finger tips, not in your pocket

If you're a hunter or just like to walk your dog in the park, make sure your e-collar has the capability to add a remote Bluetooth like control now, or in the future.

The Hawx Dog & Gun system allows control at your finger tips in any environment. Fast corrections & timing equals good training and control.

Sport Hunter/Trainer

The DG-Hunter Trainer E-collar is also Dog & Gun ready, and has a .5 mile range, designed for the extreme hunter, Waterfowler, upland game and tactical work. Hawx has many unique features designed exclusively for action in field environments. Most important, is the DG Remote control. Other unique features included are:

Whether you’re hunting or training, this system allows you to custom configure your system to suit your specific needs. The configurable features gives you the ability to shift from any kind of intensity type (continuous or momentary) and stimulation levels from a small pinch, to being able to stop a stubborn dog in chase. The Sport model provides you control for multiple dogs, and remote training devices, such as launchers or backers. This is truly an all-in-one training and hunting solution.

The Sport series is rugged, waterproof, and has all the features you’ll ever need.

The DG remote control uses technology similar to Bluetooth technology, used in your car phone. This allows you to do many things that conventional collars cannot. These controls can be mounted in a number of ways (see below).


  • Dog & Gun ready (control not included)
  • Three button master transmitters provide ultimate flexibility and all features for any training work
  • Consistent .5 mile range
  • Waterproof transmitter and receiver
  • Camo hunting finish
  • Configurable models
    • 18 levels of continuous
    • 18 levels of momentary
    • Tone
    • Vibrate
    • Multiple dog capable
    • Launcher, backer control
  • Performance/comfort stretch e-strap
  • Performance/comfort wing technology – long or short contacts not needed. Long wear, low irritation technology
  • Fast charging system
    • 2 hour full charge
    • AC charger
    • Car charger
  • On/Off switch
  • Low battery indication
  • Belt clip
  • Leather lanyard (can also be used as a short leash)
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What's in the Box?

  • Master Transmitter
  • Ecollar
  • Stretch E-Strap
  • DG Keychain Holder
  • Belt Clip
  • Leather Lanyard/Leash
  • Car Charger
  • Charging Cradle
  • A/C Adapter

DG Control Remote

If you’re a hunter, or just like to walk your dog in the park, make sure your e-collar has the capability to add a remote, Bluetooth like control now, or in the future. The Hawx Dog & Gun system allows you control at your fingertips in any environment. Fast corrections and proper timing equals good training and control. Up to 10 DG remote buttons can be configured for use on multiple guns, multiple stimulations, vest attachments and finger attachments, as well as whistle, and duck/goose call mounts and any other options. All Hawx E-collars are ready to add a DG remote button which sets Hawx apart from any conventional collar. In addition, it is a fully feature system that can train multiple dogs at once. The design uses an easy 3 button system and toggle switch configuration. The units are durable, waterproof, fast charging, and include features aforementioned.

Stretch E-Strap

This new e-collar technology expands and contracts as your dog's neck muscles work. The benefits are significant in e-collar performance and dog comfort versus traditional e-collars. 


The greatest problem in overall performance of traditional e-collars is what is called an "Open Circuit Condition." This condition occurs when skin contact is lost, which can happen a number of ways including: when a dog runs hard and bounces, if the e-collar is put on too loose, if the dog is "collar weary" and expands his neck when the collar is tightened or sucks in his neck to loosen the collar. 


As you can imagine, a collar that does not expand (traditional designs) will feel constricting and tight during heavy breathing and exercise. This, of course, is not comfortable for any dog, especially working dogs. (Try it yourself). Comfort and fit are extremely important for the following reasons: having consistent pressure increases the wear time (extended use), reduces collar-weary dogs, he is your best friend, so give him a pair of shoes that fit. 


Fitting a collar properly is a bit of an art. The Stretch E-Strap has a tightening system that allows you to gauge the tightness and get a consistent fit. This stops the problem of conventional over-tightening or loose fits. The buckle is made of see-through material to allow you to gauge the fit. The Stretch E-Strap provides benefits for all e-collars, including bark collars, remote dog training collars, and pet containment collars. The universal strap is standard equipment on any Hawx Dog & Gun™ system but can be used on Tri-Tronics, Dogtra, Innotek, Petsafe, DT Systems, and most other manufacturers. 

Fitting procedures: 
1) Put the collar on the dog in the middle of his neck 
2) Pull the strap until the cable ends meet the fit line or your custom position 
3) Buckle the strap. The buckle should be able to expand and contract no matter what the position of the collar is on the dog's neck. 

Note: A leash should never be attached to the Stretch E-Strap, use a separate collar. 


The Hawx system is designed for rugged use, using 100% stainless steel parts and durable polycarbonate plastic. It can be disassembled if cleaning is required.

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