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Leerburg Graphic Art by Jeff Frawley

Graphic Art by Jeff Frawley

Graphic Art by Jeff Frawley

Jeff is the son of Ed Frawley, the owner of Leerburg Video. While in high school Jeff developed a talent for working with computer graphics. He designed a number of the covers for Leerburg video (up through the 2005 cover). You can see some of his graphics at the bottom of this page.

On June 6th of 2004 Jeff graduated from high school and 4 days later entered the United States Army. He is currently a graduate of airborne school and serving with the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg NC.

Jeff Frawley Oct 21-04

Jeff's 2nd jump (with combat equipment) in Airborne School
Ft Benning Ga.

A photo gallery of Jeff's Jump Week

Photos of Jeff in Baghdad as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne

Jeff Frawley and Ed Frawley on drop zone after Jeff's first Airborne Jump

Ft Benning Ga.

Jeff marching on Aug 20-04 in Ft. Benning GA

Drill Sgt Dubose (one of my heroes) having a good look at Jeff in Basic Training 8-20-04

A Photo Gallery of Jeff's AIT Graduation

A photo of Jeff in Basic Training - Photo courtesy Drill Sgt. DuBose

With this said

I have some opinions on the war.

Emails from other parents who have sons in the military

Jeff, has always been an avid bow hunter I took the top photo of him one Sunday in November 2002 on his way into the woods here in Wisconsin. He has killed more deer with a bow than most people shoot with a gun. I think he is related to a monkey, he can sit on the limb of a tree or hours waiting for the big buck to pass by.

He is also an excellent shot. Here are a couple of deer he shot at our cousins ranch in South Dakota - both at 250 to 275 yards.

While Jeff does the some of the graphics for my web site and has been doing all of the covers for my catalogs, his goal in life has always been to go into the army.

With a little luck he will get one of Binladin's groupies in his sights. I have seen Jeff shoot a prairie dog that was sticking its head out of a hole at 225 yards. Who knows - maybe Binladin's buddies will peak out of a hole someday when Jeff is looking.

A photo of Jeff's bedroom during Basic Training at Ft Benning Ga. - after the Drill Sgt. Martinez and Drill Sgt DuBose did a little remodeling

Photo Courtesy of Drill Sgt. DuBose 7-22-04

Photos Gallery of Parents weekend

Basic Training

Ft Benning Ga. 8-20-04

Graphic Art By Jeff

He is very good at whatever de decides to do. This is evident in his graphic work below. Some of his graphics were made into posters. The money from from the sale of Jeff's posters will go into his bank account and not the Leerburg Account.

Graphic Art By Jeff

Graphic Art By Jeff

Flinks Poster

KNPV Poster

Graphics by Jeff Frawley

See more pictures from Jeff. Page One

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2001 Leerburg Video Catalog
This is the front cover that Jeff did of the 2001 Leerburg Video Catalog.
copyright 2001 Ed Frawley

Jeff is my 16 year old son. He is an avid hunter, dog trainer and graphics artist. He taught himself Adobe Photoshop and enjoys creating graphic photos for our website. He has done the graphics on this page and the next several pages.

Jeff’s work speaks for itself.

In the Spot Light

Graphic Art By Jeff

Leerbug Web Board


Graphic Art By Jeff

Working Dogs are Meant to Work

Jeff - November 2002

Jeff - November 2002 - Bow Hunting in Western WI.

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