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Leerburg » Articles » Police K9 » DEA Licensing & Pseudo Drug Information

DEA Licensing & Pseudo Drug Information

DEA Licensing & Pseudo Drug Information

For Narcotics Dogs
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The DEA issues licenses to individuals that allow them to posses narcotics for drug dog training. The people who apply for these liscenes will need to pass a criminal history background check by law enforcement. They will also have to explain where they obtained their training and how they intend on storing the drugs in their possession. They will also have to list all of the people that work in the facility that the drugs are stored in and there is a possibility that those people will also have a criminal history check.

Before the DEA will issue a license, an individual will have to obtain a state license to posses narcotics for dog training. In the State of Wisconsin, the state agency in charge of this is "The Controlled Substances Board." In other states the agency goes by other names. To find out what your state agency is, call your local pharmacy and ask them the name of the state agency that licenses them to have narcotics. It will be that agency that grants the license. The requirements for this license vary from state to state. Some states are much, much more strict on who they issue these licenses to and how much narcotics they will allow dog trainers to posses. Wisconsin is getting very strict on who is allowed to hold a "Controlled Substance License."

The DEA always requires the state license before it will issue their license.

The name of the DEA License that is issued is a "RESEARCHERS LICENSE." Information on the forms necessary to get a researchers license can be obtained by writing the following address:
U.S. Department of Justice
Drug Enforcement Administration
Central Section
P.O. Box 28083
Washington, D.C. 20038-8083
For Information call: (202)307-7255
Pseudo Drugs:

There is one company in this country that manufactures pseudo narcotics. It is Sigma Labs in St. Louis, MO. Their address and phone number are:
3050 Spruce St.
St. louis, Mo. 63103
Phone: 800-325-3010
You will need to contact Sigma directly to get information on their requirements to sell you pseudo drugs.

Click here to get the addresses and phone numbers of the DEA offices

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