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Leerburg Leerburg Kennels

Leerburg Kennels

Leerburg Kennels

German Shepherds Made to Work

The following is a list of information on Leerburg Kennels and the dogs in our breeding program. If you have an interest in a German Shepherd puppy from working bloodlines or if you are interested in learning more about working bloodlines, this is the place to start.

Kennel Information:

An Introduction to Ed Frawley & Leerburg Kennel
A Tour of the Kennel Facility
View the Leerburg Kennel Streaming Video
Goals of the Leerburg Breeding Program

Leerburg Stud Dogs:

Leerburg Stud Dogs

Current Leerburg Litters or Older Dogs for Sale:

Current Litters
Older Dogs for Sale

Buying a Leerburg Puppy:

How to Buy a Leerburg Puppy
Common Questions on Our Puppies
Shipping Information on Puppies

Purchase the Leerburg DVD on our Kennel and Breeding Program

Puppy Guarantee:

Our Puppy Guarantee

Leerburg Customers Testimonial:

See a Few Leerburg Customers and their Leerburg Dogs

28 Years of Leerburg Dogs and Kids

Recent Testimonials From Leerburg Puppy Customers


See a list of Leerburg Breeding Dogs
Our German Bloodline Dogs Vs. American Bloodline Dogs
Balance Problems with the American Show German Shepherd
See Pedigrees on Some Famous German Shepherds

Our Breeding Program:

How I Select a Brood Bitch (after 300 Litters in 27 years of breeding)
Become Leeburg Foster Parent (must live within 50 miles of Menomonie, WI)
Build Your Own Bloodline Through A Foster Home Program

View the Leerburg Kennel through Streaming Video


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Our Family



Cindy and Andrew

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