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Emails That Make Me Laugh

Emails That Make Me Laugh

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Occasionally I get an email that cracks me up. I am going to start to post them to this page. -Ed Frawley


I have a few questions and a few comments. First I was just wondering where you get off spouting things as a fact, when the truth is, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. First your comment about white german shepherds. You said that they are ugly and breeding with one would be "the worst mistake". You said he/she would get better results breeding their german shepherd to a golden retriever. First, are you aware that the highest obedience title given by AKC was given to two WHITE german shepherd dogs? Their names were Alice's chinook and Alice's Khemo! Also saying there are no Rin-tin-tin bloodlines, is a flat lie!!! Rin-tin-tin's bloodline lives on and it is quite easy to find if some one was to actually look and read before they start spouting out info.

Note: Some of the dogs who played Rin Tin Tin on television in the 1950s were Rinty's own American-born descendants, and they are buried in Los Angeles, at the home of Lee Duncan. Rin Tin Tin's bloodline carries on at a Houston, TX, kennel, where a litter of 8-11 selectively bred trademarked pups are born every year. The majority find careers as service dogs for disabled children, and several have done search and rescue and police work...]

So before you go about spouting off and pretending to be "all knowing" you better do your research. You can say " in your opinion" but don't go saying things as if you are stating a fact!! Have you ever heard of dogs, like, "Tango of white shadow"? Another WHITE german shepherd!!!

And if you really want to find out about Rin-tin-tin and his heritage and bloodline.. look up "Daphne Hereford" She is the owner of the Rin-tin-tin lineage. I seriously doubt you will post this on your website, as far as question and answerer or any other comment page, You don't want people to know you don't know what you are talking about. You are also extremely rude and obnoxious!! Have you Ever heard of Rin-tin-tin II? If there is no rin-tin-tin bloodline, then what happened to the rest of the dogs in his litter? Did they have puppies? Rin-tin-tin had puppies, and if there isn't a bloodline, what happened to those dogs? I'm sure they had puppies at some point. And you also gave the impression that these "movie dogs" aren't particularly smart. You said they only needed to be able to be around people. You also gave the impression that Rin-tin-tin actually had a bad temperament because of being around all those people and action. You are so wrong!! Again!! Rin-tin-tin worked with crippled children, visited nursing homes and gave performances at children's birthday parties. It is people like you, who make it very tough for, Real people in the world!! Your attitude toward animals and people is horrific!! I don't know what happened to you in your life to make you such a bitter little man, but you really should choose another course in life. One where you don't have to deal with people and animals. I believe this would be beneficial to you as well as the rest of the world.

I have never read more discouraging, uncompassionate, hopeless words in my life as I did reading your comments and suggestions. There were no suggestions actually. This website was of absolutely no help to me. I am not looking for someone to tell me this is impossible and hopeless. Nothing is impossible and hopeless. "it is not going to work" "find a home for one dog" "the only problem is you are wrong" "I will add this to my dumb and dumber section on my website" are all ridiculous, mean spirited, horrible words to say to people who all they want to do is provide a good, loving, home to their dogs. You should be ashamed of yourself. Constructive criticism and advice is one thing. I do not see any of this on your website.

Crystal Theriault


Dear Mr. Frawley,

I hope you will bear with me for one more question which requires your expert advice. (I had written earlier from India about trying to integrate two dog packs).

As I had written we live on an 11 acre estate in rural India with our neighbors living about 1/2 mile away. We have no physical boundary (fences). The majority of people living on this estate are in their 80's - there are 4 of us in our early 50's and then there are 4 night watchmen who prowl the estate (in varying degrees of competence) at night. We also have our native mixed breed dogs who do a very good job of warning us of trouble and one who will even bite when provoked. We have a loud alarm system which is triggered by panic buttons which the watchmen and the younger group carry with them at night. Two nights ago a roving band of dacoits (like hooligans who roam in packs robbing and beating people) attacked our neighbors putting them in the hospital and then moved on within a 5 mile radius doing the same to others. They skipped our estate probably because they knew about our alarm system (two nights earlier there was an attempted robbery which was intercepted by our alarm system and it seems these people had been surveying the neighborhood for several days). These dacoits come with knives, sabers and blunt instruments.

The person in charge of security here feels that all we need are two vicious attack dogs and that, along with our alarm system, is enough to keep us safe. (That is when we have electricity to run the alarm). However, if 10-20 men show up with knives, sabers and bats etc., do you feel that two attack trained dogs will really do the trick? Couldn't they easily be disarmed by knife attack, -or clubbed? These robbers have even been known to throw poisoned meat to the dogs.

I will greatly appreciate your opinion because we are trying to institute other security measures but the head of our estate is adamant about only needing the dogs. We feel this in inadequate which is why I am seeking your advice. By the way, in case you are thinking why haven't we called the police - they are usually in cahoots with the robbers.....such is life here!

Thank you so much for your kind help.



My personal feeling is you need about 100 claymore mines a light plane loaded with 500 pound bombs and two 50 caliber machine guns on towers near each house plus 2 viscous attack dogs.


Do you know of a remedy to stop dogs from pooping in my yard? I do have a dog of my own but the neighbors dogs come over to my yard to do their business.

Thank You,


A shotgun


I know why you love the USA so much, because it allows idiots like yourself to live and breath with the rest population. 

Think about it, a moron like yourself is allowed post his meaningless and uneducated dog tactics on the internet for millions of people to digest.  Then you are able to put that stupid little disclaimer at the bottom of your website, releasing all liability from your horrible dog training advice.  While "some" of your dog training techniques might be good advice, most of your dog training techniques are flat out garbage. 

I do know one thing you are good at, it's making sure your stupid ass name comes up at the top of a search engine list when someone searches for "dog training."  Little do those unsuspecting people know is that you are much better at internet spiders than dog training.

I hope that one of your dogs bites your n***s off one day, maybe you could take a picture of it and put one of those smart and witty remarks of yours at the bottom. 

Now post that in your "Emails that made me laugh" section.

F*** y** very much.

Jarod -

Ed's Comments:

Gee Jarod - why don't you tell me what you really think? I think your mommy should wash your mouth out with soap. :-)





You want 18 hundred dollars for a puppy? Are you serious or do you have a problem with smoking crack and need to afford the habit? I have a German Shepherd I paid $200 for him, He is healthy and strong, he is certified, had all his shots, wormed, He is highly trained, I trained him myself, he is comparable to a Police K-9 dog, He has to be one of the best looking, biggest and strongest German Shepherds I have ever seen in my life. Anybody paying what you want for your Dogs has to be about stupid. I would expect to pay no more than $450 for a German Shepherd, I don't care what kind of breeders breed them. I looked on your Web Site and I have not seen one German Shepherd that you have that looks as nice as mine, nor as big and strong. I highly doubt they are any smarter either. People like you give bad names to Animals, always trying to get all this money out of a natural and beautiful thing, You say you have a guarantee on the animal, is it a living thing or is it an object? I mean come on, You treat them like Objects , I wouldn't want to buy a Dog from you, you are crooks and you don't care about these Animals, you just care about making all that money, You can't put such a price on a living thing, You suck.


I like your email. It gave me a good laugh. Just another example of how in-bred people think. I believe I just added a photo of you or a close relative on my web site this last weekend. Have a look. Here is the URL for it. The photo on this page is either of you and your brother or your father and uncle.

Best Regards,
Ed Frawley

I recently received a wolf hybrid puppy, I know your thinking '' DUMBASS,'' I am not a professional and do not claim to be. I found your article to be very informative actually. I have a 2 year old and a 2 wk old children in the house and would never by any means want any harm to come to them. I have lived and grew up with dogs ALL my life, i am an avid dog lover, and had 5 or 6 at a time . One thing that I have realized though, is that EVERY DOG has it's own personality.Some are nice, some lazy, some mean, some wonderful family pets, but any and every dog or hybrid can turn on someone at any time. Period the end. It's not this breed or that breed crap, it's just the owner, the environment, and the dog's personality. So for anyone that would agree with your views on hybrids, I suggest that they never have a dog because they are not ready for the responsibility it takes to fully love an animal. I am not a weirdo, freak, or nor do i have some kind of ego issue i just know that every dog, or hybrid is just as individual as every person on earth. I noticed that some people cuss you or call you names.....that's not cool at all. YOU have your opinion I have mine. We are individuals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.




Dear Mr. Frawley,

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your articles and information. So much of the "training" and behavior presented on the net must be written by "pet psychic" or thundering idiots. People who couldn't sit on a pillow and watch a good dog work.

In my own defense, I work at an animal shelter. When I have a dog screaming and climbing the leash and snapping at my hand, my "boss" alludes, "Well, she must have been abuuuused." I say, "Probably not, but if she bites me, she will be!" Chances are, I am not cut out for this job.

Doesn't anybody remember William Kohler or Conrad Most? Why don't people know the difference in real breeders, backyard breeders, puppy mills and such? Any purebred dog not knowledgeably bred is not worth any more that our parade of mutts.

Yes, some really great dogs have come from rescue, but that isn't the norm.

I just had to rave and rant a little. Thanks for being a island of sanity in a sea of ignorance. And yes, I just adore dogs. I had Dobermans when I was 9 and Dobermans were real dogs. I have and old Rottie and a young Borzoi and they are good dogs.


I just found my dog at at a park and someone had left her there she was scared. I took us a while to get her to trust us. I think she is 2 months old. I finally realized that she was a German Shepard. I have two other dogs, They are rat terriers and they are smaller than her. She likes to play with them, but I am afraid one good bite would kill my other dogs. So I separated them. I have never had a German shepard before, and I wouldn’t no how to go about training them. I have heard that they understand commands better in German. Do you know any commands that I could teach her in german? I would like to start training her when she is young because it is much harder when they are older. I kind of want to start out with the basics because I am not a skilled trainer as you are. I named her Chandler, because that is the park we found her in.Will her ears come to a point as she gets older or do I need to get them clipped?'

I would really appreciate your expertise, so please e-mail me when you get the time.

Ed, I'm writing in regards to a question posted on your site about 2 GSD's barking in the early morning hours while they went outside to "eliminate." While your advice on using bark collars may be the most practical, you could always suggest the method I chose. I had a neighbor call the cops about both of my GSD's barking, so I went next door and told him if he did it again he would find himself kissing the pavement. Although you might want to put a disclaimer warning people that they might find themselves in police custody, which is how my situation ended.

p.s. I enjoy the site and look forward to seeing this on the Dumb and Dumber section followed by a few sarcastic remarks.



I think no-bark collars are cheaper than bail and fines.

I had a similar problem with a neighbor. My barking fine was $216.00. I had given these people noise machines for their bedroom. I gave them my pager number to call so I could go out and fix the problem. All my dogs wear bark collars at night. The only time they bark is when an employee forget to put one on or put it on too loose. They chose to call the police when the dogs occasionally bark.

I have 40 acres and am zoned agricultural. I have decided to go into the chicken business - specializing in roosters that CROW!! The chicken coop is going to abut their back yard. I live in a farming community. You do not get tickets for chickens crowing. In fact I kind of like the sound.


My name is Jessica, and I am interested in training my dog protection work. My dogs name is Kynda and she is a 7 1/2 month old Caucasian Ovcharka, German Shepherd, and Great Pyrnese. I have a few questions about training her this type of work. I wouldn't want to actually compete her, but it would be nice for her to know how to protect on command. There are two different things that I would like to teach her. The first would be to threaten .....I'd like her to stand by me, and do a lot of barking, growling, and showing her teeth...but not to actually try to bight anyone. The second would be to chase whatever it was, and eventually grab it's arm to knock it down, once it is down ....I'd like her to stand by it, and if it tries to get up, I'd like her to bark and growl....but not to bight again. I wouldn't want her to actually "attack" anything, the worst I would like her to do is bight ...nothing else.

I have a few question that, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like you to answer. 1. When me and Kynda are playing, and I run from her, she will chase me and once she gets close enough she will grab onto my hand....but she doesn't bite's like she's holding my hand, but it's with her mouth. So my first question is how do I get her to bight harder? Me and Kynda are playing when she grabs onto my hand....and she has never been aggressive with any human being, but when I will start to train her I will not let her use me as her "dummy."

2. My second question is how would I start to train her to threaten while standing beside me?

3. My third question is what commands should I use while training her. Would I use "attack" for when I want her to chase someone.....and when I want her to threaten would I use "threaten" or is there better words?

If there is anything else that you think would help me train Kynda, or any advice, please let me know.

Thanks so much


Hi Ed,

It popped up in my head as joke, but come to think of it ... , it might be a very good idea.
- I'm thinking of printing out your website, all 3000 pages, and cover the walls in my house. Sort of like wallpaper.


I'm probably worrying too much here but since we mated our stud dog last saturday and again on monday he has barely eaten anything. It was his first time and I know this sounds bloody ridiculous but it is almost like he's pining for his bitch (she does not live with us)Is this normal or should I be concerned? he has never been food driven as it is. Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.


Never heard of this one but can certainly understand his feelings if she had
a nice personality and was good looking.

I just read quite a few of your questions and answers. Though many people who write to you seem uneducated, you sound like the worst of the lot. Your techniques may work for aggressive dogs, but you obviously know very little to nothing about average families who do not have actively working dogs and who own them for pleasure. I'm so glad I read your techniques and comments, as I now know what not to do with my dogs.

Please don't respond. I'll just delete it before I read it. I've said what I wish to say and don't really care to hear the response of an ignorant, cruel, animal-abuser. It wouldn't be worth my time.

Tanya Burnett []

My Answer

OUCH !!! Tanya Tanya Tanya - take 3 aspirin and go take a nap.

I was blow away by your website. I think you have a testosterone problem. Does it make you feel like a man when you can beat up on an animal less than half your size? Were you bullied as a child? I’m sure you’ve already deleted this e-mail but in-case you haven’t I’ll speak what you would say is my “stupid mind.” I agree it’s the pet owner most of the time that has the problem and yeah a lot of them are stupid but you are truly arrogant and pretty much just an ass hole.

Jennifer Paulson []

Ed's Answer


How did you know that as a child I was beaten by my mother almost on a daily basis? This is why I drink too much, occasionally beat my wife and both girlfriends, my dogs and kids. My pschyciatrist says I have a problem but I beat him too so now I can't go back for therapy.

Subject: Your article on raising multiple dogs

Obviously never watched the Dog Whisperer did you?

Marta Bechtel []

Ed's Answer

As a matter of fact he has been a customer of mine and I like his work. But I will say he is a nicer person than you and his head is on a lot straighter than yours.

Have a nice day

Dear Sir,

I have just come across your website and I am appalled at your training methods, this is 2006, we don't need electric collars now days or prong collar's under the ears. There are far more rewarding and kinder methods to use, but there are no suggestion of these at all on my web site.

Your questions never really answer the problems raised, just either choke the dog to death or give the dog an electric shock. So do what you want.

Do you ever look beyond these training methods? No you don't.

I pity all the dogs you use and suggest these to.

Yours faithfully,
Dawn Bowling

Ed's Comment

Now this is a good one. When Dawn ever ends up with a handler aggressive dog that also tries to engage family members I wonder if she will rethink her foolishness?

I always shake my head at people like you. I am sure you think you can love your dog into minding you.

You are a complete idiot. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU ADVISE SOMEONE TO BECOME VIOLENT AND AGGRESSIVE AND CORRECT A DOG BY HITTING, KICKING, ETC. YOU ARE PUTTING SOMEONE IN DANGER. An angry dog does not become calmer this way and may get suddenly more aggressive. Train, yes, but don't taunt.

You are putting yourself at some serious risk of lawsuit with your advise to try to get people to control an aggressive dog by attacking it, thereby causing the dog to become even more agitated and hostile. Your sad little disclaimer will be of no use, as you are presenting yourself as a competent professional.

I pray no one has been seriously injured following your very bad advice. Do some research, please.

Marylin Butorac []

Ed's Answer:


You must have a picture window in your navel so you can see to type your misguided drivel.


i just read your website information about training chows. how horrible that you would advocate using a prong and/or electric collar on a dog! how positively abusive! i have a chow mix, and although she exhibits many of the typical chow traits, i would never subject her to physical pain by having steel prongs stick into her neck or shocking her with electrical currents.


Ed's Comment:

I think PETA may have a new member.....

You recommend mouse traps for keeping the dog out of the kitchen garbage. I found a more humane yet effective method: I urinated (just a little tinkle) in the garbage. He sniffed once and never went back.

- Karen

Ed's Comment:

Do you lift your leg when you pee?

I have a Carin Terrier Poodle mix that is 7mo. After every bath she gets she rubs the top of her head and nose into the carpet for about 5 to 10 min. I thought it could be the shampoo irritating her, so I bathed her with no shampoo on her head but she still does it. Is that normal or is something wrong.

Thanks Sara

Ed's Answer:

No idea. Maybe it feels good.

Her Response:

Thanks for your smart ass responce. You were a big help.

You are, with out doubt, the most despicable person I have ever came across.

I am highly disappointed.

I came onto your site looking for advice and all I see is foul language and bad tactics. If you really were a person who genuienly cared for dogs, you would act in a professional manner, kind manner and undoubtedly, have facts to support your theory. I am sorry to say I (and several others) am very turned away from your site.

Up until I saw this I was feeding my dog raw, but now I will not. You need to recognize that your immature language is not wanted. Simply calling a vet a "dumb ass" is not going to get much from them. Now, while some vets may make mistakes (And they will) you must consider that they are only human and that they are trying. Those of you who have problems with a vet, why don't you talk to them, the worse they will do is refuse to listen. If so, you can either switch vets, or leave it alone.

From what I have heard, your a breeder. And why are you doing this? You are adding to the population every day, and while you may think you are "creating" life, your not. Your killing dogs. I have watched hundreds of dogs beyond my reach put down every day. Did you know that in china THEY EAT DOGS! (while i understand that this is a culture, it isn't right to kill them in the manner they do.) They don't just breed them for food, but they shove 50 of them into a small, confined cage and then beat them to death. (About 50% of these dogs are american dogs from breeders too!) They beat them because it makes them "Tender." Not only that but they will skin them alive and laugh as they try to lift their heads. Maybe you, who claims himself to be a dog lover, should save those less fortunate. Rather than kill them.

Now I suggest you stop name calling like the kid you are, and grow up, because from a professional aspect, you sound like a person who doesn't know much about dogs.

(I'm not saying you don't, but your language sure suggests it.)

"Our vet here in Menomonie WI advocates a raw diet and there is a holistic vet in Blaine MN that not only recommends a raw diet, she sells it also. I am sure there are many vets in the Twin Cities area that use a more holistic and natural approach to nutrition and medical care for your dog. I have used the vet in Blaine and she is awesome, she was thrilled to find out that I was a raw feeder..she said it’s the most important thing you can do for the health of your animals." My vet is the one talked about here. (Blaine)

The only entry I respected was this one. It was professional and not immature.


"I found your site and raised them on your formula their mother got really sick and almost died."

Is it not possible that it was your formula that made her sick? A change in a dogs diet can make them sick, and if this person did not tell the vet this, the vet may have given the wrong vaccine. BUT NOT BECUASE OF VET CARE ERROR, but because of a mistake in communication. Another possibility is malnutrition. Switching diets can do this, and the wrong medications can be deadly. (Once again, not the vets fault if the owner didn't inform him.)

Learn to be respectful, and watch your language. Having respect can go a long way, but acting immature will get you no where. I suggest you take my advice and use it. You may be amazed by the amount of people who will listen to you after changing your tone.

Thank you.


I read some of the questions posed to you and your answers.  Quite frankly I am appalled at some of your responses.  If you are going to give out medical advice then I think you should have the education and knowledge to back it up.  The one that really sticks in my craw was your statement about not seeing a reason to spay at 6 months.  Here are a couple.....1. If a dog is spayed before her first heat cycle it GREATLY reduces her chances of mammary tumors later in life.  2. While it may be the responsibility of the owner to make sure an unwanted pregnancy does not occur..... the sad reality is that most do not.  Just check the numbers of puppies euthanized every day across the nation.  A spayed dog CANNOT add to the problem. 

You have not been trained in the veterinary field and should not be offering advice contradictory to what is standard in Veterinary medicine. 

Vet tech in Missouri


Wow, great stuff, you actually had a customer, I was ready to begin purchasing books and DVDs. Then I saw the silly opinions about “tree huggers” and “PETA terrorists” and you lost me. I am in neither category, but don’t really care for divisive language that indicates credulity of certain ideas. And it’s just plain stupid. What does it really accomplish? Nothing, if you are honest.

How many customers do you think you lose because of this? More than I imagine you are willing to admit. Do you really think I’m the only one?

Don’t bother replying.

Taking my money elsewhere.


YOU WERE GOING TO BUY SOMETHING FROM ME LIKE?? I seriously doubt it. You’re a PETA Puke.


We are hoping you might have some information or know someone in our area that may be able to help us find our lost tortoise. We lost him tonight in the woods behind our townhouse. I tried my best to find him but I couldn't get far in the dark with the kids alone in the house. If you can help please contact us.

Chesapeake, VA


I read part of your article on dog packs, aggression and I couln't continue. People like yourself who behave in such a neurotic way towards other dogs in our dog park would be laughed at, then avoided. A large group of dogs and people have been meeting up together for years and welcome new people and dogs into the pack. All dogs and humans are relaxed and confident. Maybe your area is different, we are in rural australia, or maybe you are aiming at making people feel neurotic to sell your book. I have eight dogs, german shepard, working dogs, terriers and have not had an incident of a dog fight. They know who the pack leader is without me having to resort to cruelty like pepper spray. they are calm, confident, well socialized. As I said I couldn't read anymore of  what was written, and I think most people would be turned off by the cruelty and neurosis demonstrated by you. 

Jim Parkinson

Ed's Response:

Ahhhhhhh Jim – why not tell me what you really think.

I want say, and I'm sure I'm the millionth to tell you this, that your instructions on how to deal with dogs are in MANY instances completely incorrect and clearly will put people and their dogs on the wrong path. In addition to bad advise, there are so many glaring typos on your website that I stopped counting and the only reason I read as far as I did is because I assumed that soon it would tell me & any other reader that this whole website is just a big joke, but it never said that. It is, nontheless, a joke. I say this with all due respect & I certainly am not a trouble maker by any stretch of the imagination. I have never seen such a collection of damaging & bad advise.

me []

Ed's Answer

This one made me laugh.

You are not the millionth but you are one of the goof balls who write me once every 4 or 5 months with your crack pot emails.

I do find it funny what you have as an email name "ME" - well poor you.

Ed Frawley


Hi, I was googling some dog advice when I came upon your website. I think it is a little rediculous. So you think that people have not adopted more than one dog and always had problems. Litter mates can never be raised together. I'm sure there are many people who can say the have. People fight, animals fight. my family has 5 dogs. All different ages and they work fine together. There are millions of animals put to sleep just because there are no homes for them. If people love animals, know how to raise them, and can afford them why can't they have more than one. You make it sound as if it is impossible to own more than one unless they are caged seperate from eachother. Your additude comes off very rude. I'm not sure why people email you. You almost give them abusive answers as if they are so stupid for what they have done. I think you have some ridiculous advice. Yes you know alot about dogs, but that doesn't mean everything you say is right. Who says you're right? Who made you a dog expert? I just wish you weren't so rude to people who come to you in need of advice on the animals that they love when your basic answer seems to be find a new home for one. As if it would be easy to just give up a family member. Have you ever watched the dog whisperer? Things are not always impossble. You should try to be more positive when giving your advice.

Thank you,
Misti []


I have a beautiful half pitbull half chow mix. Shes red and shes about two and a half years old. Shes the greastest dog I've ever had and I'm worried about how long shes going to live. Shes in great health and is perfect but its just the worry and I was hoping you could help me out. I've tryed looking it up online but nothing is giving me a straight answer. I'd appreciate it greatly.

Thank you,

Ed's Response:

My honest opinion is that she will live about 150 years.

Ed Frawley


Dear Mr. Frawley

I have a 12-week old lab/retriever/border collie girl. She's pretty smart but she's not responding to your DVDs. I play "8 weeks to 8 months" every day when I leave the house, but when I come home there are dog food crumbs on the futon and my cat is locked in the hall closet screaming. I just don't think she's watching the whole thing because your DVD is always on the floor and there's a Terminator movie in the DVD player. Is it too early to correct her for this behavior?

Centennial, CO


Hi just writing to you to let you know how horrible i think your training methods are!.. The Prong collar for example..yep lets stick sharp things into our dogs neck to stop him pulling!...or lets take the air away from our dogs so he knows whos boss!...You also mention that Australia does not allows electric collars as we are uneducated..WRONG.. we do have electric collars, they are just not popular as we have other positive re-enforcement methods which as more effective and do not hurt our dogs in the process and develop a strong bond with our dogs instead of scaring the shit out of them and then we wonder why they bite us... its to bad your to old fashioned that you still think we have to hurt dogs to train them...all your really doing is "fixing" one problem but creating another... You need to research Ian Dunbar..please for the sake of your beloved dog.

Bethany Hocking

Ed's Response:

Here are a few pages on my web site that you missed  It would be interesting to see how people like you would train dogs like this.

Ed Frawley



I came across your website by chance and curiousity got the best of me so I started reading some customer questions and your advice to them. WOW!!! All I can say is that I am strongly opposed to electronic collars and "Bark limiters." They are cruel and in my opinion, should be illegal. If you don't want to hear barking then get a fish!! I was beside myself when reading some of these individuals "Issues" and then your recommendations.  You should be ashamed of yourself for recommending these horrible collars and realize that these people don't sound so intelligent to begin with and may be abusing their animals with those stupid, inhumane collars. I had to leave your website and write because I was so distraught by all of this. There are numerous ways to "Train" your dog without tormenting them. This is a form of animal abuse and I will definetly not be taking any of your advice.




You're an idiot.  I love how you proclaim to an expert over 40 years. I took my dogs to an expert who had been doing it for 40+ years and he is very firm, with the choker training, but nowhere near your off the charts extreme. He understands dogs are pack animals and his training is based on such understanding but also understands that these are domesticated animals, not ones we live with in the wild and keep in cages. Your training is apolling for anyone that has an animal as a house pet. You should be banned from training and I find it hard to believe you are not banned from the AKC. It sounds like you should be raising cattle for slotter, not domesticated animals. The fact you think you are an expert and offer advice to animal owners is offensive. I am in no way shape or form a PETA advocate and am an extremely conservative Republican and I find your posting unbelievebly offensive. You should in no way shape or form have anything to do with domesticated animals. I guess I am one of your uneducated, "don't understand" A-holes with a doctorate in animal behavior. By the way, I trained my dogs with the choker chain training that seemed to work just fine to let them know who is the boss. You should not be allowed to have any contact with domesticated animals, to compare them totally with their wild ancestors shows how completely ignorant you are in the understanding of breeding.

Question: What do you do about a dog that turns on one of its masters?

Dear Sir,

My husband listens to your videos, and buys lots of products from you.

Here's my question:

My husband's dog, an almost 3 year old German Sheppard, is still like a puppy! He is with me 80% of the time, and when my husband is around this Dog will NOT listen to or obey me. He has turned on me twice, once I accedently stepped on his foot while taking him out in the winter and slipped. And the again two days ago when he laid in front of my sitting place (doesn't move and I have to step over him, I'm 57 years old) I accendently stepped on his tail. My husband does NOTHING when he turns on me! Now how is a dog like that going to be trained for search and rescue (he is NOT by the way)?

Thank-You in advance for your answer.



The first thing to consider is to get a new husband. That may solve the dog problem because the dog may go with him.

If you chose option number 2, you change the way you live with this dog. Run him through my pack structure program. Its detailed in: Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Dog

Read the descript on the web page for this DVD. This is the beginning trying to fix this dogs issues. If your not prepared to do this then I can’t help you.

Ed Frawley


Thank you! I like option 1 the best! hahahaha

Website Comment:
Ed chose not to correct the spelling or grammar in these emails.

I have been reading your website today and I am totally and completely disgusted with you! I was after advise and all I saw was how you can torture your dog! Showing videos trying to pass it as acceptable and make yourselves feel better, I ask you place the shock sollar around your neck and shock see how you like it also with the chockers and get back to me!
How can you sell shock collars and those disgusting chokers, dogs needs to be rewarded by good behaviour and not punished for bad! How would you like to be shocked everytime you forget to do something, its disgusting and you should not be giving people advise on their dogs.
Your guidelines for helping animals is making them worse in experience, a dog needs to be rewarded for their good behaviour and get nothing if they don't do what you want, its called patience, dogs do not speak english, its up to us as owners to learn to speak their language and understand them and reward them. De-sensatise them to things by giving them treats while taking their mind of i.e a toy, another dog, or baby! Make them think " Dogs arn't s bad, when I see one I get a treat :-)"
You are a terrable company and deserve to be shut down for selling those disgusting, vulgar things, you are no better than the people that abuse their animals, because you are making profit on them doing it.
I am not one to complain but my passion for dogs and speaking up for them, I felt so passionate to write to you, you need some advise from Victoria Stillwell dog trainer, who is fantastic and Cesar from Dog Whisperer, these are dog trainers, not you vile people.


Ed's Response:

This email really made me laugh.

Ed Frawley

More Comments:

I don't sell tourture devices for dogs!
You clearly don't like people expressing their opinions do you, guilty concience maybe?
All I wanted to do was express my opinion and you have to come back with an email like that and from the manager, very professional.
Where in the world are you may I ask? States?

Ed's Response:

Yep in the states. I am going to add your email to our web page on EMAILS THAT MAKE ME LAUGH and in our newsletter. We send out 50,000 newsletters twice a week, you will be a star! :)

Ed Frawley

Final Comment:

Thought so, bloody yanks! Says it all.

Ed's Final Response:

Can’t we all just get along?


Customer Comments on this Email:


Thank you so much for the Leerburg newsletter and all of the quality equipment and training help I've received over the last 4-5 years. I read Laura's comments in today's newsletter about "torture" devices and know there are other uninformed people out there who feel pretty much the same.  I have a 6-year-old GSD who has fear aggression problems.  I have regularly used a remote electronic collar on her to modify her behavior. I always "shock" myself in the hand before I put it on her, so I absolutely know that it is not at a "torture" level... it's much more like a tickling sensation. She doesn't like the shock and most times immediately modifies her own behavior as soon as she sees it even before it's on. I rarely have to administer any shock to settle her down. In the past she was aggressively running after my cat, but with the collar on she'll quietly lay and let the cat walk wherever he wants. I would suggest that people like Laura might want to more fully investigate a training technique before they complain about it. A picture of Anna is attached where she is instigating a game of tag with Blackjack, a mixed-breed puppy who pretty much rules the roost around here.



Hi Cindy / Ed

Love your newsletter. Keep it coming.

Re: That e-mail about torture devices:

I live in England and unfortunately those emotional-knee jerk, canine-illiterates are completely in control of dog training over here (except for a few gundog trainers in the back country such as remote bits of Wales, etc.). Because of people like that, qualified, experienced trainers over here aren't allowed to say no to a dog, let alone actually stop it doing anything (even though they actually can) for fear of their reputation. 

Every month I go out to serious behavour cases where those kind of self-appointed, ignorant, armchair "dog-experts" have got there first, achieved nothing, wasted the owner's time and money and left the dog with potential put-down problems.

I don't find it funny at all. All of us qualified, professional trainers over here are desperate for legislation to regulate dog-training and put those idiots off the street.


Dear Ed,

Some people are so clearly clueless about what constitutes animal cruelty! I feel compelled to write after reading how "Laura" utterly lambasted you over your training methods. Thanks to you and your e-collar methods, my GSD and lab are able to actually enjoy being dogs. They continue to run off leash without harassing people or other dogs, which is what they used to do before I trained them using your methods. I no longer worry about someone shooting them here in our Eskimo village where people are typically afraid of dogs, especially those off leash. My dogs have learned absolute self-control thanks only to you. They always come on command,  they can down anytime, even while chasing ravens, and follow the "leave it" command when foxes or caribou are near. They can walk right by a nursing calf and herd of cows at home in WA in the summer without demonstrating the slightest threat toward the free range cows in the area. Your methods work long term and are absolutely cruelty free. It's a language that dogs understand, and even the slowest of dogs (my lab!) caught on quickly and only required a low level nick to understand that she must obey. That nick is no more cruel than a mother dog's nip on her puppy's neck and has saved her life. My GSD, Moeshe, is so in tune with his e-collar, that all I have to do is take it out and show it to him if he persists to bark at me to play with him when I'm unavailable. I don't even have to put it on his neck!

I continue to sing your praises to anyone I meet who has a dog training issue. Just the other day when I was in PetCo, there was a woman with a GSD puppy in obedience class.  The dog trainer had the owner yell "No" continually at the dog for his barking at another dog. I slipped her your name and website and told her she wouldn't regret it.

I've mentioned your name and methods to many people and feel pretty sure that if I hadn't found your website my dogs probably would've either bitten someone by now or I would've been forced to re-home the two of them. My dogs are model canine citizens thanks to you and I enjoy not only  our outings together immensely (before your training I was a constant bundle of nerves!!) but also our time at home together. Anyway, I am eternally grateful to you and wish you and Cindy all the best!

With the warmest regards,

P.S. Our cat Isa thanks you too.


Hi Cindy and Ed,

I wasn't going to write this until I saw the negative e-mail you received about remote collars. My experience with a remote collar has changed my life for the better. Yet I'm also getting a lot of flack from people for my decision.

The writer is wrong that Cesar never uses remote collars. When his friend Jada Pinkett Smith's dog was killed by a rattlesnake, Cesar brought in a professional trainer to teach her pack and his dogs, including Daddy, to stay away from the snake. As Ms. Smith said, "Either the snake or the remote collar will teach the dog about snakes. I choose the collar." He also used  a remote with a farm dog that was biting tractor tires. Its teeth got stuck so he was whipped around on the tire and lost an eye. In both cases, the dogs responded positively to the remote.

We have a five year old Standard Schnauzer with a very strong prey drive. When Willie was six months old, I found out about Cesar Millan and worked hard to become a pack leader. I really like your essay on pack leadership. Taking Cesar's advice, I got professional assistance for my Willie's crazy behavior around squirrels, cats and rabbits. Everything worked pretty well with the squirrels, but nothing overcame his aggression at cats and rabbits. I've been pulled over flat in the street (in my Flexi-Leash days - ugh!), received bites from redirected aggression/frustration, cuts on my arm from scraping paws and black and blues on my legs from his pushing off to get away. The noise he makes is a primal scream and he bucks like a horse. By the way, and as you already know, no amount of food helps when my Willie goes into what Cesar calls the "red zone," but thanks to him, I've learned to stay calm through to the explosion and not get hurt again. 

This spring after a particularly bad session with a cat, I decided it was time for a change and purchased your DVD on Training with Markers. We followed the steps over and over until "Yes!" became a charged marker and habit. The Dogtra collar came with half price off on the Leerburg DVD about remote collar training. I found a trainer that specializes in remote collar training and made an appointment for mid-July. Meanwhile, I made sure Willie knew every command perfectly, desensitized the remote collar by putting it on and off his neck, used "Yes!" at every opportunity.

The day of our training I was so happy. She spoke with me for an hour and gave Willie an extensive temperament test. Finally, she declared us good candidates for remote collar. She was very impressed with our prep and I told I learned it from Leerburg DVDs and website. In about two minutes Willie learned the process; I took a bit longer!

I'm guessing that I haven't had to use the nick fifty times. Every evening we go out "hunting" for rabbits and cats! A couple of days ago, I was standing with Willie while talking with a neighbor and a calico cat ran about ten feet away. Two nicks and he accepted "Yes!" and a treat with his little stubby tail wagging. Rabbits? A piece of cake. When they run, he needs vibration or one nick. But if they remain still, all he needs is a verbal "Leave it" and keeps walking. We are still working on getting closer and closer as you describe on the DVD. He barked at some runners at the fence and it took a couple seconds on continuous stim, but he came to me; next time, no nick. It took about three nicks to distract him from a running woodchuck. I set him up with the doorbell and it works like a charm.

However I think it's important to remember that it's not the tool but the handler's energy and mindset that will make the difference. Several friends who use, say, a Gentle Leader, tell me that their dog pays no attention to them when the GL is off. A vet tech told me that her dog only obeys when the remote collar is on. That's because they are relying on the tool rather than using the tool to create the habits they want. Pack leadership takes work and commitment and using the right tool at the right time with the right energy is also critical.

My goal is "No nicks!" and we are getting there faster than I ever thought possible. Now I'm convinced. I still use a Sprenger easy-release collar and a dominant dog collar as back up, but the remote collar make those two virtually unnecessary. His neck is much safer and healthier with the remote collar than ever before. Wish I'd done all this years ago, but as you quoted Maya Angelou, "I did the best I could. When I knew better, I did better."

Thanks for reading this long tome. I enjoy your newsletters and have learned a lot and gotten a few laughs from the streaming videos, especially eating "peanuts!"

All the best,
Peggy and Willie


Hello Ed and Cindy,

I totally enjoy watching the training videos attached to your newsletters. But I must admit, I was surprised and dismayed to hear Cindy's comment at the end of today's video with Endy. At the end of the video, Endy was delightfully blowing bubbles, and Cindy commented, "Your so smart! And such a pain in the A$$!"

Leaving this comment in the video is done in very poor taste. It's also disheartening to hear a "professional trainer" cop such a bad attitude about this beautiful puppy.

Puppies are challenging, no doubt about it. Is there some reason in particular that Endy is such a pain? Is there a learning moment that should be shared with the audience? 

Cindy's credibility as a professional has dropped several notches from my perspective.

A very disappointed fan.


Cindy's Response:

Thanks for your input.  If you spent ½ an hour with me and Endy you would KNOW that she is a PITA. Most good puppies are challenging in a lot of ways during their growing up.  My dog Rush (who you may have also seen a lot of on our site) was an even bigger PITA than Endy. I wouldn’t want her any other way!

I believe you took it the wrong way, which is your right and privilege. I will say it won’t change the fact that Endy is probably a puppy that most average people would have been unable to handle. I feel I’ve earned the right to joke about her, it’s been a very VERY challenging 2 months since she came to live with us. You see a few minutes out of very long days trying to mentally and physically stimulate a highly intelligent dog. 

Part of being a good dog trainer is having a sense of humor. :)

If that makes you disappointed in me, then so be it.

Cindy Rhodes

Ed's Response:


I thank you for your email. It has provided my chuckle of the day.

The fact is Endy can be a huge pain in the a$$ – as can any high drive puppy. I am sure you have never raised a hard, high drive puppy or you would know exactly what we are talking about. These are the kind of puppies that end up in shelters because they are sold to people who don’t have a clue how to raise them correctly. 

Ed Frawley

Customer Comments on this Email:


I love the newsletter! I've trained in many places, but right now I live in a town with very few serious dog people & very few dog activities. So I appreciate newsletters like yours help to fill the gap.  

I'm 45 & worked with dogs all my life. I have three dogs in the house, one is a Malinois, the second Malinois I've owned.

I caught your comment at the end of one video- "such a pain in the A$$!"; it was a little surprising. I wouldn't go as far as Barbara - that it dropped your credibility. But you may want to remember who is in your audience, & who you want to attract. I would think anyone taking their time to read you newsletter is a serious trainer or having problems with a serious dog. There are so many of us that would give our right arm for a puppy like that, I thought the comment sounded like you didn't appreciate what you have.

Thanks for all you do!



I just read the comment from Barbara regarding Cindy saying that Endy was a PITA.  I particulary enjoyed both Cindy's and Ed's responses.

I have a 15 month old Old English Sheepdog - she's 75 lbs. but I still call her a puppy. She is the 10th OES that we have owned - some from puppies and some from rescues at various ages from 10 months to 5 years.  So I am very familiar with this breed.

This "puppy" is DEFINITELY a high drive dog and is different from any of my other Sheepdogs. I have worked very hard for the last year training her.  I have had her in beginner and intermediate obedience classes with really good trainers and have worked with her every day.  I have several of your videos including Basic Dog Obedience, Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs and Remote Collar Training.  I have found them to be of immense help with training this PITA puppy!!

My nickname for her is "Butt Head"!- and I call her this with absolute love and humor (and it has taken a while to get to the humor part).

So --- I can definitely relate to Cindy and Endy. 

Just wanted you to know that there are people out there who do not give up on these "hard" dogs. Thanks for all of your help.




I look forward to and read Leerburg's newsletters with great enjoyment and greatly value the advice and encouragement you provide to dog owners. I had to laugh at the comment about you calling Endy a pain in the A$$... I too own one of those, a little Boston Terrorist, and I even thought about changing her name to PITA (Peeta). The fact is that the reason she is a PITA is that she is so darned smart, and has a mind of her own. Once I learned to accept her as she is and train accordingly life around here got lots easier... but there are still many PITA days and that's what makes us love her. Keep enjoying Endy.



i am currently working on changing my status with my dogs but i also like the status in my current position would it be to hard for the dogs to switch back and forth to have the best of both worlds. anyways, i am starting marker/clicker training on two dogs of my house. also my previous status with my dogs was mainly the one who sat there and gave them TLC but now i am toughening up getting obedience. so, do you have an answer to that and before you even ask no i don't want to order your dvd on marker/clicker training. i also already have all the equipment like the clicker, bait pocket, and i havn't been charging yes i've been charging good girl in a soft smooth voice after she does what i asked of her and so far i need to take a nap and give the other dog 4 120 mg pills of valerian because this dog has som serious anxiety problems and i've heard and done research into it and have tried 3 pills with her which barely worked so obviously if 3 almost worked than 4 should be closest to perfect

Ed's Response:

If your not interested in learning from our DVDs maybe you should take the valarin rather than the dog - maybe valium would be a better choice.


Ed, Hello, My name is Ian.

As an ammeter  dog psychologist and somewhat of a philosopher I have been absolutely puzzled by this question for the last several months, I truly hope you can at least offer your 2cents on it as I can't expect a definitive answer.

When a dog is dreaming is it possible that he doesn't know It is not real? What I mean is that we know it to be fact that it is a subconscious figment of our imaginations playing out in our minds eye, but a dog does not have that knowledge. Is it possible that he rationalizes it differently than we do with our knowledge of psychology and biology to explain the events that took place just before we opened our eyes?

I would really appreciate you opinion on this as from what I can see your perspective tends to go right along with my own.


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