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Links to Dog Training Web Sites

Leerburg General Links

to Dog Training Web Sites

If you have a DOG TRAINING related web site and would like to be listed on our Leerburg Links page you can submit your web address for review. We ONLY link to web sites that have already linked to and we will ONLY LINK to dog training related web sites.

Once you have created a link to send an email to Ryan here at leerburg with your web address. Ryan will review you site and if it's a reputable dog training web site he will create the link. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE after you submit your site. There are times that we are very busy and this will be done when time allows.

Here is an example of our approved link:

Leerburg - over 10,000 page web site. Leerburg has produced over 120 dog training DVDs and offers quality dog training equipment for sale.


We will not link to web sites that are LINK FARMS or AFFILIATE DRIVEN web sites. In our opinion these web sites have nothing to offer the general public. In fact when we find our copyrighted material on a link farm we file Digital Millennium Copyright Complaints with all the major search engines. We take this very seriously and have been successful in having link farm web sites removed from search engine indexes.

If your web site has been targeted by these link farms and you are losing traffic as a result, we can offer some advise. We recently settled a copyright violation case in federal court. So we have some experience with this. Send us a email and we will offer some advise.

Schutzhund Clubs

Joliet Schutzhund and Training - a model Schutzhund club. I wish they were closer to Leerburg, we would train with them.


Red Star Kennel

Best Buddy Dog Training

Bochaka German Shepherds of Ireland

British Rottweiler Sports Dog Club

Celtic Vale Schutzhund Group (UK)

Clicker Training Dogs

The Confident K-9

Connecticut Canine

Cumbernauld Dog Training Club (Scotland)

House Training Your Dog

John Soares K9 Training

Joliet Schutzhund

Kaltersberg German Shepherds

Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

Mr. Pit Bull

Neuman K-9 Academy, Inc.

Protection K9 Message Board (UK)

SSK9s & Australia Wide Specialised Dog Training

Vitamins for Pitbulls

Wysong Canada

Zwinger vom Roten Wald

K9 Medical

Science Daily

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