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Leerburg Articles Leerburg German Shepherd Puppies and Current Litter

Leerburg German Shepherd Puppies and Current Litter

German Shepherd Puppies
& Current Litter Information

Leerburg Pups

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Leerburg Puppies in a Bucket

Leerburg Puppies in a Bucket

Leerburg Puppy Prices:

Current Leerburg Puppies For Sale:

Sorry, no puppies for sale at this time


Current Leerburg Breedings:

Sorry, no breedings at this time


- We occasionally have older pups or young adults for sale -

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for details!

Read a Few Testimonials from Happy Leerburg Puppy Customers

Leerburg June 2003 Pup
A Leerburg Pup Born in June 2003

Our Policy on Leerburg Puppy Deposits

We occasionally accepting deposits on a limited number of puppies that are not born. The deposit is $1250.00 (1/2 the price of a puppy). Customers with deposits will be be offered puppies when they are born according to where they are on the list of people.

Often times people do not understand how difficult and complex dog breeding can be. After breeding 300 plus litters since the 1970's I can tell you that it is not easy.

Ordering dogs is not like ordering a car. When I do a breeding I never know if the female got pregnant until I do an ultra-sound between 30 and 40 days after the breeding.

I limit the number of deposits we will accept on litters before they were born. It never failed that I would have 6 deposits on males and end up with a litter of all females. When things like this happened customers are disappointed and I could not blame them. Unfortunately I had no control over the situation.

If you are interested in either placing a deposit or adding your name to our list of people who are ready to buy a Leerburg puppy, it is best to email the Leerburg Kennel Manager, Cindy, at

April 11, 2007

After over 30 years of breeding German Shepherd Dogs, we are taking a break from breeding. We won’t be offering any German Shepherd litters in 2007 and have no plans in place for 2008 at this time. Check the website often for updates and the status of our planned litters for the future.

We will continue to have one or two carefully planned Kaiserhaus Malinois litters each year, with our next litter planned for early 2008. Visit for information on our Malinois.

If you have any questions or comments, please email Cindy at

If you need additional information on buying a puppy from my kennel I recommend you read the section titled "Questions and Answers on Buying a Leerburg Puppy." You can also click below to get on a list of people who would like to be notified when we have pups for sale.

Read a Few Testimonials From Happy Leerburg Customers

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Leerburg Pup
A typical Leerburg pup who just had its left ear tattooed

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